Wednesday, October 29

I'm happy. No, I'm ecstatic. I'm more than that. I'm just...I don't know...happy beyond happy. My heart's still thumping like mad. What a day...

Thanks darls, for today. Thanks for lunch, & just about...everything. You boggled my mind with those spectacular card tricks...& I thought I needed some brain check. Lol...& I was so so mesmerized. I don't know by what though...those deft fingers of yours doing those mind boggling cards stuff...or the way you looked at me. My tummy felt weird...& the blood rushed to my brain...couldn't think at all. Sigh...I just loved everything. Everything you said, or did...& your whole 'I'm angry' thingy. Makes me smile...hmmm...

Through all that happiness, the bliss & all, there was a slight tinge of sadness. A cloud of uncertainty was hanging over me. I was confused, & I really wanted to put everything to the back of my mind for a while. So I did. But they're all floating to the surface again. Mmmmm...but I'm not gonna ask you to do anything, darls. It is entirely up to you. Your decision...only your own decision will make you happy. & if you're happy, I'm perfectly happy too. It's true...

I've been thinking about you
In the most peculiar way
I've been thinking about you
It's unbelievable to me
But suddenly I think
I'm falling in love with you

Mariah Carey [I've Been Thinking About You]

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