Sunday, October 26

Went out with Vidz & Tiffy yesterday. Was supposed to be the whole Awesome 5some(they changed the name from Awesome 4some & the Extra Kid to this, how sweet) outing but guess what? Wifey & Eme billed out on us again! Grrrr! I haven't seen Eme for many purple moons. That girl, always busy with her boyfriend! *sulk* Alright, so we went to Sake Sushi at Wheelock, & it's the 6th consecutive time I'm having Sakae with Vidz. What can I say? Sushi rocks! Then we hung around at the Nike shop looking at bags & singing along to the music & acting really stupid, walked to Pac Plaza & spent like a long time in The CD Shop, after which we went to Roxy, Quiksilver, Stussy to look at bags(again). Off we went to Heeren & we walked around again, this time at Mambo, & then at Flash & Splash. All because Tiffy wanna look at bags. Haha...saw Joe there...& Tiffy was once again telling me how cute he is. Lol...then off to 77th Street, where me & Vidz bought some...stuff. Don't even ask...haha...& then they convinced me to buy this newsboy cap. I bought it coz' I really wanted a hat or something, & throughout the entire day, Vidz & Tiffy wrinkled their noses at me at every beanie or cap I plopped onto my head. Seems like the newsboy cap was the only one which got nods of approval. So I bought it & Vidz said it's very 'new yorker'. Bleargh! Oh, we were acting like some damned tourists. We took pictures at the Taka's aquarium thingy & also in one of Heeren's toilet. We were like 'Excuse me, could you help us take a picture?' & we got like weird looks. Haha...anyway, saw Jess & Peiyi with their boyfriends in Heeren. Double dating! Haha...after that went Cine's BK for dinner. & turned out Jonathan was there as well. Sneaky sneaky! Saw me & sneaked off before I could see him. & Tiffy was like, 'Must find him! Or else I not satisfied!' & we were on a treasure hunt. Bwahaha...spastic!

Yesh, I got home, came online & then ran into some problems. I don't know why I'm so affected. It's been only such a short period of time & yet, I'm so affected. I was confused, as to how I felt, & sad, coz' somehow, deep in my heart, I know it's just stupid old me acting up again. I don't wanna be lifted so high, only to fall back into reality again. I cried in my sleep. I was asleep, but not really. I could feel the tears trickling over the bridge of my nose. & I would brush them away furiously. Didn't know that I was really crying in my sleep as it felt like a dream. Woke up feeling stuffed up & had red, swollen eyes & realized I was indeed crying. Spooky. Feelings run deep. Now I know how. Whoa. Then received an sms to read an entry on a blog, & I felt really touched. Sigh...& a tinge of sadness as well. Oh well...

Go take a look at the pics we took if you want to. They're the last 2 in 'Miscellanous'. However, don't expect much except for 2 pathetic

Jason Mraz's 'You And I Both' has been spinning all day. I'm addicted to that song!

Coz' you & I both loved
What you & I spoke of
& others just read of
& if you could see me now
Well then I'm almost finally out of
Finally ou-ou-out of
Finally din-di-di-dit-dit-dee
Well, I'm almost finally, finally, well I am free
Oh, I'm free

Jason Mraz [You & I Both]

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