Wednesday, October 1

Whee! I learnt how to upload pictures! Whee! Smart aye? Considering I'm a computer idiot...heh...I just followed the instructions on the website & got everything right! Whee! Go see go see!

Actually, I had this nice blog skin yesterday but some of my words were overlapping the 'blogger' button & my archives disappeared so I got rid of the skin...till I learn how to set everything right, I'm stuck with this plain ol' thing!

Had editing test...2 words to sum it up: It sucked. Lol...gonna fail it! Surprise surprise...after that, had LVP consultation with him. Seems like we can't film this week afterall! Oh well!

Went IKEA with Tiara after that...supposed to go with Trina also but she disappeared...but ok, understandable...poor girl was horribly sick so she went home. So it was down to me & Ti & we went there to eat(my Swedish meatballs!!!), walked around, snapped a few pics in secret & then, we forgot our purpose there & we started buying stuff! Candles, candle holders, photo frames, containers...& we were like some mountain turtles who were like squealing at everything in sight & opening every single drawer & cupboard & hopping onto every bed & chair! People were wanna buy this nice rattan chair there which costs 199 bucks! It's super comfy! & when I have my own house, I'll get an IKEA designer! I love their stuff! So interesting! Anyway, being the accident prone person I am, I stubbed my little toe & it started bleeding & Ti was so freaked while I kept laughing...then this guy was so corny...he was sitting on the bench we were on & he told me to sue IKEA for negligence & get free furniture for the rest of my life! Haha! & Ti, remember the 2 speakers in your ears thingy? Sure...thanks for teaching us how to watch tv! That was useful...not! Ahahaha...whee, now got hole in my toe! Wait a sec, they rhyme!

I think I'm going blind! I can't see properly! Even with my contacts on! Seems to be something blocking my sight. & my eyes hurt after some time...& now, my right eye is like red & sore & itching & it burns...*snifflez* I'm going blind!!! I'll sue the contacts company! I'll sue!

Alrighty! I'm going off to bed coz' we have got NAPFA tomorrow...I don't wanna run! I don't wanna run! Eeeaaarrrggghhh!

Like a cold summer afternoon
Like the snow coming down in June
Like a wedding without a groom
I'm missing you
I'm the desert without the sand
You're the woman without a man
I'm a ring without a hand
I'm missing you

Case [Missing You]

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