Saturday, November 15

Ah, went to Ting's place to mope & complain & whine & bitch about life. For 5 hours! & she took the Best Seat In The House. Made me sit on the cold hard floor. Haha...but I feel better after slacking with her. Sometimes, stuff just doesn't go our way. It's just too bad I got involved. *shrug* I'm more composed than I ever thought I'd be...but I am definitely feeling the anger. Like, of coz' I do! All That Lies...oh, Ting & I do weird things when we get together. Firstly, she thinks i'm weird...& then she made me have a Conversation With Myself. Practically forced me to. Haha...tsk...Strange

But now, I'm feeling way better & I'm gonna crap a lot & if you notice, those in bold are actually song titles! Mraz's songs to be exact! Haha...

As I was telling Vidz on MSN, whenever we go out together, we always have Too Much Food & then that reduces my cash to Absolutely Zero! Haha...stupid girl...You And I Both are just too crazy! & we came to a conclusion! Like Who Needs Shelter when you're in town, with all that food & polluting & What You Want! Yay! Unless you wanna Sleep All Day lah! Which you can't in town...

Grrr...somehow, when we get together...we not only laugh outside, we Laugh Inside as well! Make me laugh till I double over in pain! I think it's the Highway To Hell with both of us! Yay Vidz! We rock! Heh...there, Vidz! Aren't you proud of me? All the funky funky Mraz's titles!

Ah...I'm feeling fine! Haha...I tell myself, Don't Look Back coz' there's No Doubling Back...since It's Already Over & I feel ok. Partly because I have 0% Interest to cry...I've got 1000 Things to do in my life! Or maybe even more! I know this is not the Dead End...coz' eventually, life will be Better.

Afterall, I'm a Life's Great Work as well! Alright, a little egotistic...but yepz, I'm alright! Haha...there's no need for a song today...look at all the titles!

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