Wednesday, November 19

Ahh...been rotting at home...I am bored stiff.

Went job hunting with Yix on Monday...we went to Bistro first, but they wanted 18 year olds & above. So we went for lunch at Yoshi, & decided to try this charity thingy at Cantament Road. We didn't know where the hell that is, & we still don't. Anyway, we tried our luck, took a bus from PS to somewhere at Outram, & walked for 2 hours searching for that blasted place.

From Anson Road to Engger to Palmer to Cantement(it's too long a stretch so we walked back) to Tanjong Pagar to Outram back to Palmer again to East East Coast Parkway to Shenton to Prince Edward & then to Marina. Never felt more tired in my entire life. Felt like it was some 7 km walk. I could feel all the food oozing out from my pores. Eewch.

Decided to stop searching since that woman couldn't give us proper directions so we went to Pan Pac to apply for some banquet thingy. Filled in the blasted application form & then left...not exactly confirmed though. Then some guy at the entrance waved & said hi & I had a shock since I didn't know him but thought I was just being blind coz' I wasn't wearing my glasses & contacts. What happened after that left Yix in laughing fit so bad, I bet she's still laughing about it. Blasted. Stop laughing Yix! I'm still like, 'Huh???'

Ahhh...supposed to meet Vidz on Friday for 'Identity' but I'm trying to get her to go tomorrow instead but she's not replying messages. Blasted.

Gotta go get new contacts...most prob disposable. Anyone heard of soft lens contacts shattering? Well, mine did. Ok, it didn't exactly shatter. Somehow, my right lens became 1/2 lens & 1/2 lens. Doubt that they sell contacts for only one eye. Blasted blasted thing. Grrr...

Sick, tired & sleepless
With no one else to shine for
Sick of all my distress
But I won't show I'm still poor

Cardigans [Sick And Tired]

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