Sunday, November 23

Ah, haven't updated this thingy for some time...let's see, what's been happening?

Went to watch 'Identity' with Vidz on Thursday. So happy! We went to town, then went to eat at Sakura at Far East(where I got paranoid because of a past experience which left me traumatized) & then went to take this card thingy, which left us in stitches! We were lamenting that none of us knew how to handle the stupid machine coz' we assumed that the instructions were all in Jap. So anyway, we got the coins, then Vidz started pressing the buttons like a pro, & it took us minutes to realize that the instructions were in English! We were like, 'Wowwwwwwwww!' In total awe. Retarded retarded us. & we laughed so hard, the picture turned out funny. I was holding my tummy & her face was contorted in a kind of suppressed laughter. Oh well! There's always a next time! & right after that, she asked where we were going & I really forgot we had lunch! So I was like, 'Hmm, have we eaten?' Haha...she went like, 'What the hell? We just ate! Haha!'

Alrighty, then we walked around, looked at shoes & stuff like that & we decided to leave Far East & got stopped by these 3 people doing some short recording for Gotcha or something like that & this girl literally stood right in our path & practically forced me to say something good about Gotcha. She wanted Vidz to do some stupid tongue twister thing & Vidz was super like, 'NO NO NO! It's retarded!' Haha...ok, so I did that spastic thingy(where the camera man thrust the camera right into my face, which really intimidated me & I kept flinching), & then we went to Causeway Point in Woodlands. Kinda spastic to run around like that but then, that was the only place showing 'Identity' & we were desperate to watch it.

Got there, bought the tix & when asked to show bus-passes, we were like, 'Why?' & the woman said we look young & I was like, 'You mean this show is NC-16? HOW COOL!' & got excited coz' that's about the first NC-16 show I ever watched at the movies...yeah, really embarassed myself. Haha...walked around, 'un-ululized' that place(Vidz claimed it was an ulu place but realized it wasn't & we declared it 'un-ululized'), looked at shoes(again. It's Vidz afterall), then dragged her to look at lingerie...haha...did a bit of polluting...& then we went to buy drinks for the movie & what happened on Monday happened again that day. But it's in an even weirder way. Vidz found it so amusing...& it's not scandalous! Grr. & you told Yix! Grr...haha...never mind, all she did was to sms & tease me about it. Whatever! Lol...

The cinema was really empty saved for a couple of people here & there, & we were the only 2 people in the last row. & somehow, I thought it was a horror movie coz' this woman went, 'Do you feel that? It's cold.' & I freaked & covered my face & tucked my legs under me while Vidz tried to convince me that it's not a horror movie. & throughout the whole show, the 2 of us were full of our deduction rubbish. We kept guessing who the killer was, & then going, 'Oooh! John Cusack!' He's so so cute! Anyway, the show's cool. Some multi-personality stuff there. Got me real paranoid though. I can so identify with 'Identity'. Haha...I told Vidz that she could be a figment of my imagination, one of my personalities & we could just start killing each other. Haha...I know I know. Lame-o!

Ho Ting & April came over yesterday for this facial sis is doing facials & she was badgering me to get my friends & so I got them both. Lol...but they seemed pretty satisfied by the results. Haha...Ho Ting even bought this product, & she's intending to buy more. Haha...

Yepz, so anyway, Dawn got to go to the Jason Mraz concert! I'm so so envious! Whoa there! I should blag my way to America. Haha...

Seen the news about the stuff happening in Turkey? Elif lives there & I was so goddamn worried when I saw the blasts on tv coz' apparently, she lives somewhere near Istanbul. But I came online & talked to her & I felt so so relieved. She told me she has to go past the HSBC bank on the way to school & now, she needs to take a longer time to get to school using another route. Who's worrying about longer journeys? I'm worrying about her safety! Heard her friends had a close shave too. Her 2 friends were supposed to go to this mall next to the bank at that time of the attack but one of them overslept & when she got up, they heard about the news & all. That sure was close.

What is this world coming to? Isn't anyone battle fatigued yet? When will all these stop?

Don't look back, nothing's left but the blood-red text on the planet Earth's epitaph:

Here they lie, the human race.
They fucked themselves, and laid Earth waste
Blind to the fact that the bomb was coming down
Their sanity was sold for a beggar's hand-out

What they got is what they made
The final act of this tragedy ends with pain
So drunk with power, they sit laughing at ground zero
One more drink, push a button, and let the fuckers go

It's a drama, it's a game, and lastly, it's a joke
What's left for the ones who never had a chance to know
That the powers inside are driven with the lust to fight
So they hand us their lies, and say it's gonna be alright.

But the truth to it is, they tax us just to kill ourselves
And our very own bombs will blow us all to hell
Reckless, our neglect multiplies
The children of a cold war left behind

Come and see the doctor, Strangelove is here
No other superpower means nothing to fear
Who needs a fucking treaty, when we got guns
Fuck the little countries, lets have some fun

Thinking back to where we came from
We can see how far we've come
But the price of our intentions
Burns us like the heat on the surface of the sun

Who can know what foul intentions
Start inside the human mind
For only the proud human being could conjure up
A plan to obliterate his kind

The flash of light was quick to blind me
Much like the lies they told me before
So naive, we thought it was all over
But history returns with another world war

Dying Fetus [In Times Of War]

This, has not yet happened. & I hope it never will.

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