Saturday, November 29

So happy! I got my contacts back, bought new clothes & ate Sakae! What can be better than this?

Woke up really early today...went to collect my contacts & bought some tablets to clean them & all...then had Macdonalds breakfast with my brother. After which I went home & prepared to met Vidz...

Showered, & then left & it was bloody raining. Nope, it was flooding. I had an umbrella with me but it didn't seem to help. My back was totally wet. I was literally freezing my arse off. Didn't even dare to sit...didn't want to squish on the seat. Ewch.

Got there late. & we went to Sakae & eat. But not before we saw Bryan Wong! They were recording 'Snap' or something & Vidz & me hastened to get out of the way...freakily enough, both of us always bump into cameras. No joke! First, it was some religion thingy('What's your opinion on religions?'), then last week, it was some stupid 'Gotcha' thing('Say it! Just say Gotcha is localized. SAY IT!') & then this week, we just had to run for it! But not before Vidz said rather loudly, 'Ooh you cutie bertootie!' or something like that. Haha...but well, he IS cute.

& then we passed Daniel Yam, & somehow, Vidz was commenting on the pronunciation of 'Yam'. She said some people pronounce it 'y-um' & she said she pronounces it 'y-am' & then all of a sudden, she said, 'I think we should ask' & I thought she meant she was gonna go in & ask the people in Daniel Yam the pronunciation...but she actually wanted to ask the Customer Service where Sakae Sushi was. Seriously wrong frequency there. Haha...

Ate at Sakae...spent a long time there talking about Harry Potter & such...

Saw Tun & Michelle. Oh my goodness. I miss Tun so darn much! We were squealing & hugging & making a scene but I just miss Tun! *muah*

Alrighty, Vidz & I went to do our favourite activity - polluting! Tower Records, OP, Carrefour, U2, Giordano...everywhere! Haha...I love polluting with Vidz! Coz' we always have the weirdest comments ever! Like we were at OP & we just go like, 'Tsk. They don't make collars like they used to.' Haha...then in MPH, we were flipping through mags & searching for Jason Mraz & Vidz was looking at an article on Ryan + Trista & Alex + Jen.

Vidz: Oh my god! Jen's like 26 & she likes Justin Timberlake!
Me: *peers at her mag* She's a blonde.

I think I said it kind of in a matter-of-fact, case closed tone & she laughed her arse off.'s not that I don't like Justin. I like him! But the way Jen said it was just too bimboish. Haha...oh well! Figures!

I'm so happy! I bought lotsa stuff! Makes me really high now! Whee! So happy! I love polluting with Vidz! *hugglez* We can just rave about Mraz, John Cusack, Orlando Bloom, Clay Aiken(fine, it was only me) fun...& we saw this middle aged woman with red hair. Flaming red hair. & Vidz covered her eyes & went like, 'I'm blind!' & I was like, 'Ooh, no matching shoes?' Thankfully, that woman didn't hear us! She feels English today's to Vidz! 'Dah-ling, today was fa-bulous. We shall do this again sometime soon. & we shall go get more socks for you!' How can anyone keep wanting to buy socks?

Anyway, I found a job. Me & Ting went all the way to Genting Lane yesterday. It's some factory thing but the boss is so lax about everything...told us we can bring our own music or whatever as it's gonna be boring. The pay ain't too bad either, & the hours are flexible! Great great great...but it's darn far. Oh well! At least I've gotten a job...& with Ting no less. Not so bad with company...start work on Monday so won't be updating much. It's kinda freaky...I read my horoscope & it says that all money problems would be settled by the 27th. Yesterday was the 27th. The day we found the job. Freaky aye? Just too much of a coincidence. Heh...Ting & me wore the exact same top when we went for the interview...she in white & me in black. The moment I saw her, she just burst out laughing & I was like, 'Shiat. We gotta call each other up & co-ordinate everything the next time round.' Great minds think alike or what?

I've got to be
Got to be certain
I've got to be so sure
I've had my share of hearts broken
And I don't wanna take that any more

Kylie Minogue [Got To Be Certain]

I love Kylie!

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