Sunday, November 30

Alright...let's's Xun's birthday today & he had this small party at his house. I felt so horrible when he called me yesterday...I mean, I forgot all about his birthday & he's my best friend! But hey, he forgot his own birthday & that's why everything was so last minute.

Brought my brother along...which was a lucky thing coz' I don't know all Xun's friends! Except for a couple of familiar Lynette, Joel, Dominic...that few. Sarah came about half an hour after I arrived, & left half an hour later. & I was like, 'WHAT???' Bleargh! Stupid Ting came so so late! Haha...she's feeling so loved, she forgot all about her poor bestie stoning in Xun's house.

Xun got really bladdered. He was drinking with anyone & everyone. & he turned this nasty shade of red just before all his other friends arrived...then started slurring his words & doing weird stuff. Like not knowing where his door was. Tsk! He got totally smattered with cake as well...they were like grinding the cake on his arse or something. Ewch. & surprisingly, his mom remembers my brother. Lol...fantastic memory she has. Yepz, Xun & his friends left for Embassy or something & Ting & me & my bro went home. Didn't even get to say bye...but I doubt he would have heard me as well...he was pretty wasted. I bet he's gonna wake up the next morning not knowing who was at the party & all. Haha...

Yepz, watched 'Brother Bear' with Jeffrey at Causeway Point...then hung around a bit with his bunch of friends as well...went Macs for lunch...bought Xun's prez(chocs) & card...& then went home. 'Brother Bear' is pretty good...rather corny ending though. Haha...oh well! So tomorrow is a home bound day...& Monday, I start work. My last day of freedom tomorrow!

I've been looking for freedom
I've been looking so long
I've been looking for freedom
Still the search goes on
I've been looking for freedom
Since I left my home town
I've been looking for freedom
Still it can't be found

David Hasselhoff [Looking For Freedom]

Ooh, yes, I gotta correct myself. It's Andrew Firestone & Jen, not Alex & Jen. Geez. You would have thought I've sinned judging from Vidz's outrage that I've got Mr 'Oh So Perfect's Name wrong. Bleargh! Why don't we make things easier? He can be Mr Car Tyres. Haha...

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