Tuesday, December 2

2nd day of work. Tired tired. I actually blogged yesterday but my comp froze & all was gone. Shit ass. So I'll just summarize everything...

Yeah, work's fine. Boring, but alright. Just kinda far. Takes me ages to get there. People there quite friendly, but only a couple of them are our age. Music they play can kill you. Yesterday was 93.3FM(all the unfamiliar Chinese songs), & then loads of dance & techno stuff(think Vengaboys & Toybox & shit like that) & today was like, Hokkien songs day! Me & Ting were like, 'KILL MEEEE!!!' Ting getting really lame...thinking up weird stuff & laughing at her own jokes & today, she went like, 'We'll die in Potong Pasir! It's evil!' We have been getting loads of near accidents everyday. We can't cross roads without loads of yelling(from us) & loads of honking(from the vehicles). I'll try to cross, she'll try to hold me back & I'll try to pull her along. So we were kinda in the middle of the road. & she makes funny noises when she crosses roads. She'll go like, 'Whoa! Wooooowow!' & stuff like that. Weirdo! Yeah...& somehow, when we wanna head to the MRT station after work, we can't find the route we took to the workplace. Seems like the routes change at different times of the day. So we're getting lost everyday. How fun. & boss doesn't let us take off days during weekdays! Grrr! So annoying! Whatever!

Saw Eigene & John Ji & their church friends yesterday at Outram Park MRT station, while we were changing trains. They were back from a day of sea, sand & surf at Sentosa. Church activity. So happy! I was hugging Eigene & she was so sandy! So cute! & John Ji was like bright red...& he went like, 'Sista!' & I was like, 'Wahaha! BRUDDER!!!' & we blocked the flow of human traffic. Haha...

Yeah...I shall go to bed now...or I won't be able to wake up tomorrow. Another long day...sigh...

Oh no not again
It hurts so good
I don't understand

Heart beats silly like a big bass drum
Losing all equilibrium
It's so hard in the middle of the week

Rod Stewart [Infatuation]

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