Thursday, December 4

I lost my phone. My beloved 6100. I've never ever lost my handphone before. Why does the 1st time have to be my precious 6100? It's been only a month. God. I feel so lost. My eyes are so swollen from crying. I feel so helplessly lost. I don't know what to do now. I sort of still think it's still there, even though deep in my heart, I know some idiot took it & is having fun with it. I don't know how it happened. I'm so conscientious of my phone, what more my new phone. My precious beloved. I'm checking it every 5 mins to make sure it's still there & in the 5 mins I didn't check it, I guess I dropped it somewhere along the way from the bus-stop to my house. So right now, I'm so uncontactable. Ok, maybe my old number but then...that old phone is so faulty. I'm so tired. I cried for 2 whole hours yesterday, & then slept at 1...& kept waking up in the middle of the night. Had nightmares. Then woke up at 5 by a phone call. Thanks brother...for cheering me up...I feel better than yesterday. Not much but definitely better. It's a lost cause. That phone's my birthday prez. My daddy paid 200 & I paid 130. & it's brand new! & all my contacts! & all my messages!

Just let me die.

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