Tuesday, November 4

Tell me, is it fair to me? If it's unfair to you, is it ever fair to me? It's such a messed up situation & if given a chance, I would not have gotten myself involved. But now I have. I'm too deep in it to get out. I can't get out now. I understand you need time, & I'm giving you that. So why are you still angry?

You want honesty. But honesty doesn't pay off. What do I get when I come clean about how I feel?

Am I being too unreasonable? Am I self-centered like you said I am? Why do I feel guilty, when I shouldn't be?

Fine, don't answer the phone. Make me feel guilty. Make me sleepless the entire night wondering what happened.

Just go ahead.

Don't hurt me baby, I just can't bear the pain
Don't hurt me, like I've been hurt before
So I try to see, the way you feel for me
Please don't hurt me baby

Simple Plan [Don't Hurt Me]

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