Wednesday, November 12

Went out with Vidz today! So happy...just the 2 of us...she always manages to crack me up. This kuku girl...what a crackpot! We went to Crepes & Creme, where we made a big joke out of the manager being his own customer, & then we went to walk around, & we were laughing all the way. 2 mad girls hit town. Haha...first, we laughed at the retro clothes in Topshop, Future State, Phuture London, just about everywhere else. & we developed a new word called, so 'kor' referring to retro clothes. Think Growing Up, people! Hint: Favourite word of Tammy in Growing Up. Yepz, so when we see anything remotely 60s, we'll yell 'so kor!' Haha...yeah, had a nice & long conversation about Jason Mraz. I conclude, I think we're the 2 biggest Mraz freaks in Singapore! Woohoo!

Then saw this really cute guy outside ProjectShop & then decided to take a closer look...ended up squinting at him & we popped into the shop itself & made a huge laugh out of all the clothes. I think that guy looks like Prince William, no matter what Vidz says! Went to Bossini & laughed at the 'BSN' logo on some clothes...I thought it sounded a little like some news channel, while Vidz thought it sounded like some boyband name. In the end, she gave it the wonderful name of 'Bull Shit Network'. How original! Lol...cannot go out with Vidz, everything seems funnier with her. We laughed till we had stomach aches. We laughed all the way, at anything & everything. I think we're both mad! With her, we're always walking around aimlessly, & end up looking a earrings. Don't know why...weird fetish. Bah! & Vidz don't go shopping. We go polluting. She said I pollute the stuff by touching all of them when I walk by. Lol...

Gonna see Vidz again tomorrow! fun! With Yix as well...oh my. I think it's gonna be disastrous. The mad trio! out, world!

*still bopping to Jason Mraz*

Now to the other side
It's easy if you only try, try, try, try
Well, don't lie down on the job
Oh yeah
Because once we hit the top there's no stopping us, no
Ain't no stopping us

Jason Mraz [No Stopping Us]

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