Tuesday, November 11

My mom's birthday today. Happy Birthday, mommy! Went for dinner with my entire family...then had some cake...my sis got this hazelnut cake from this Swiss shop in town...yum.

Stayed at home the entire day...then the agency called again. Told me about some telemarketing thingy in Shenton Way. 'Will confirm again'. That's it. Grr...I hate it when they say that!

Yeah...going out with Vidz tomorrow...her exams end tomorrow. Supposed to get Tiffy Wiffy but she's off to OBS! I wanna go too! *sulks* OBS makes me think of Yew Tong...heh...the instructor I had when I was in OBS 2 years ago. Speaking of which, I should msg him hi soon...lol...miss those days in OBS!

Alrighty, nothing much to say. I've been feeling better...probably coz' I've had other things on my mind...or I've been trying to have stuff on my mind...like starting a whole new obsession with Jason Mraz, resolving to hunt down all his other albums, spinning his album, starting on Harry Potter once again, cutting my hair, buying junk food, downloading songs, cutting my hair, writing, & did I mention cutting my hair? Haha...ah well, I did, but it's not some drastic difference. I cut my hair when I'm upset...it's some therapy thing. Makes me feel good when I come back & I see it in a different length, different from before. Somehow, gives me this feeling of a new start. Yuppers, I went to trimmed & thinned my hair yesterday...felt way better. But then, still not satisfied, may cut again in a couple of days. I think I'm quite mad.

Get a haircut & get a real job
Clean your act up & don't be a slob
Get it together like your big brother Bob
Why don't you, get a haircut & get a real job

George Thoroughgood [Get A Haircut & Get A Real Job]

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