Friday, December 12's Friday. I have been working alone for 2 days now. Ting went Malaysia yesterday...stupid girl. Haha...oh well, I survived. Anyway, I had a, graphic conversation with her on Wed. Interesting, & graphic. Haha...

Boss's a nice guy. He dropped me off at the MRT station yesterday due to the rain. Rainy rainy season. Floods, thunderstorms, lightnings. The works! Even an umby wouldn't help much. Can't shelter you from the lashing rain. Horrible season.

Anyway, when I was working today, I thought a lot. About lots of stuff. Anything. From stupid things to like the weird & to the depressing.

Cheating lying bastards don't deserve to walk this earth. They don't. I'm freaking annoyed after looking at some graduation pics at a blog. I mean, I shouldn't even be there but you know, curiosity kills the cat & all? I'm not upset. I'm just bloody peeved. I shouldn't let that get to me.

& I'm getting the disease that Sam Toh talked about. Whenever someone whips out 6100, I'll be like stare & glare, & trying to eavesdrop. If anytime someone mentions that he/she picked up the phone in Bukit Panjang, I'm gonna claim it back. & if he/she refuses to, I'm gonna whack the crap out of him/her. Yeah yeah. I know, a violent streak in me.

& I've been like thinking up all these weird scenarios. Like dying under an attack of stalactites. Had this nintendo shit years & years ago. Part of the game is to escape falling stalactites. Yeah, now it's getting to me. Like I keep envisioning how I'll die. Getting run over by vehicles? Flatten? Haha...or maybe Sam will start killing Samantha, & Kurt will kill Sam, or something like that? Yeah yeah. I know, I'm being really lame now. Frazzled frazzled nerves. I'm running on caffeine, what do you expect? Pure caffeine. How do you explain my 4 hours of sleep, 8 & a half hours of work & 3 hours of travelling time(to & fro)? It's 2 cuppas a day. That's how I function. I'm telling you, it's the coffee. Frazzled nerves. Get me all jumpy & such. Brr.

Ah well, did I tell you I love my family! Yeah, like whoever says that nowadays? I mean, they do feel the same but no one wanna be known for the whole lovey dovey thing yeah? But I do! Truth truth truth. sister has been so nice, it's unnerving. She offered to buy me the phone like next year, & I told her it's ok, & she offered to pay half of it. & offered to give me her 8250 first. & offered to help me look out for good deals. I'm like, 'Ok...'. I expected her to go into one of her 'You don't deserve expensive things' lecture(she always does when dad & mom buy me stuff) coz' she'll claim that they're spoiling me. When I first got that 6100, she said it's daylight robbery. & I told her, it's partly my birthday prez after all & she just said, 'Buy such a good phone for what?' & I really expected her to like lecture me when I lost it but she didn't even mention it. Like, not at all. I was so surprised. In a nice way of coz'. Love them all! Haha...

Anyway, my griping partner went Korea for a week. So sickening. No one to gripe to. Haha...he's such a good gripee! I'm always compaining & whining & bitching about the world & he'd listen & make me laugh. My good brudder. Never mind. Haha...Ting gotta suffer then! But I don't like griping to her anymore...she's in blissland now if you know what I mean. Nothing goes through her head except for her darling's face. Haha...oh well!

Ah well, I'm so tired. Work's not physically challenging but it's mentally tiring. My eyes hurt. I think I'm going blind. Again. Lol...

Well I'm not crazy
I'm just a little unwell
I know right now you can't tell
But stay a while & maybe then you'll see
A different side of me
I'm not crazy
I'm just a little impaired
I know, right now you don't care
But soon enough you're gonna think of me
& how I used to be

Matchbox Twenty [Unwell]

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