Tuesday, December 9

Rumbling thunder outside. What an atmosphere. Reminds me of stormy seas & dark castles...

Witnessed a car accident on my way home. Pretty cool. I mean, well, no one was hurt so it was pretty cool! Haha...I was crossing the pedestrian crossing & there was a loud screech & a HUGE bang & a collective gasp from the people in front of me. & I was like, cool! This car went straight into the side of the other car. & it was in the middle of the busy junction. The 2 drivers got down...one looking really apologetic, one positively peeved. Haha...

Yepz, realized I freak myself out at times. I was listening to 'My Only Wish This Year' many many times today...& I was singing loudly in my room & preparing to iron my stuff. & then I decided to switch on my radio(which I haven't done in ages) & was kinda stunned. It was 'My Only Wish This Year'...& I was like, creepy...ok, & I've done it again. I was singing 'Milkshake'(ok, it's lame but it's catchy!) & typing this entry & the song just came on the radio. I'm creeping myself out. Haha...clairvoyance alert!

& yah, 'My Only Wish This Year' is by Britney Spears & the whole entire world knows I absolutely can't stand her but this song is so so cute! & the lyrics are just so cute too! & appropriate. Only Ting knows why. Haha...coz' she can read my mind. She's freaky too. It's so scary...I was like looking over my shoulder while walking out of the work place & she didn't even need to look at me. She just went like, 'Sam, stop looking lah. Won't be there one...' & I was like, 'How dya...?' & she said, 'Well, I know you too well.' Haha...see? I need to stay away from her! Ahaha...

It's so ironic. When we had school, I was complaining that she had no time for me & all. I talked to her on the phone about once or twice a week, & saw her like once in over a month. & now, I see her like EVERYDAY! Haha...for one entire month! Overdose! Lol...

Santa, can you hear me
I have been so good this year
All I want is one thing
Tell me my true love is here
It's all I want
Just for me
Underneath my Christmas tree
I'll be waiting here
Santa, that's my only wish this year

Britney Spears [My Only Wish This Year]

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