Sunday, December 7

2-1! 2-1! Real won Real won Real won! *singing loudly* First Real Madrid win against Barcelona at Camp Nou in 20 years! Roberto Carlos was brilliant! Brills! I love Carlos! He scored the first goal! He's just about the cutest bald guy in the world! Ok, maybe not. He's the best natured soccer player ever! & Casillas! Don't get me started! He was brills too! Beyond brills even! Poor thing got a kick in his face! *heart aches for him* But never mind! He wasn't disfigured or anything. His face is still in perfect condition! *swoons* He's only 22 & he's like one of the best goalies in the world! So can imagine when he reaches his peak...say about 30? He's gonna be THE BEST GOALIE in the world! The commentators were all full of praise for him! Spectacular spectacular saves! Whee!

& Bugsy Bugs scored the second goal, not surprisingly. Hmmm...Raul missed a great opportunity but hey, he's human & he makes mistakes! *shrugs* & afterall, Real won! So happy! Raul looked absolutely yummy! I could just bite him! him love him love him! & Portillo! Little adorable Portillo! Came in for Bugs. He's not that little actually, he's like 1.8m but his face is just so so adorable! So small! Haha...wanna pinch him! many yellow cards...the poor referee was so super pressurized...with the roars of outrage whenever a foul was committed...& the yells & shouts & boos when Figo got the ball...the referee looked horribly constipated. Poor thing. There were like 6 or 7 yellow cards! Haha...& this Barca guy was so mean to my Casillas! Was trying to pick a fight with him. Bleargh.

I noticed something! Ronaldinho looks like Daffy Duck! I mean, hey, with him & Ronaldo in the Brazilian team, you get the Looney Tunes! Daffy & Bugs. Haha...oh wells!

Still very happy. It's like such a huge achievement! Real won Real won! Yay!

I'm actually trying to add my contacts one by one in my new SIM card again. I hate's boring...& irritating...& I still miss my 6100. Come back! Ok, never mind me...I know it wouldn't.

Enjoying my last day of freedom...tomorrow is back to work...& I think boss wants us to work overtime this week...& maybe even on Saturday. How sickening. But never mind, that means MORE MONEY! & that's exactly what I need!

Shaun: Yepz, YOUR Raul jersey! Haha...the huge oversized comfy night shirt. Lol...maybe it's the one which brought luck to Real! Or you wish!

Idzy Vidzy: Haha...even if he doesn't have a wife, it wouldn't make a difference dearie! He doesn't know you exist! *pats your arm* I know I know...but someone has gotta bring you back down to earth! Earth to Vidz, earth to Vidz! Lol...

A strong ride
Stronger than all days before
Stronger than all years before

The might and pride
Mightier than all days before
Mightier than all years before

Come taste a tide
Where demons play the mind
On the windrippled steps
The everflowing streams of
Our enemies blood runs cold

Blow the horn for our
Tide to come
Triumph our battle be won

Immortal [Triumph]

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