Sunday, December 7

Ooh! 'Love Actually' like totally rocks! I promised Vidz to watch it with her & she finally got Tiffy out! Wanted to go to Tiara's housewarming but I promised Vidz last week! Oh wells! Sorry Ti darling! I hope it was great anyway!

Brought my ickle brother along to meet Vidz first at PS at 1+...then walked around a bit...then Tiffy came...then my mommy my replacement SIM card...& we all went for lunch at Yoshi! What a funny entourage! My mommy, my ickle bro, Vidz, Tiffy & me! Then my mommy brought my bro off to walk around...while Vidz, Tiffy & me went to buy tix for 'Love Actually'...Tiffy & Vidz actually think my brother is cute. *shudders* Eew.

It so rocks! Like every 5 secs, I'd go like, 'He's so cute!' Hugh Grant looks great in it(the moment he came out, I yelled 'Jason Mraz!' coz' they look so much alike!), this guy who acted as the character Karl(Vidz said his name is Rodrigo Antonio or something like that) is like totally hot, the guy who likes Keira Knightley in the show is pretty cute, & the little boy Sam(unbiased exclamation) is like totally adorable! Haha...& the show's great. Loads of unexpected cameos! I saw Ant & Dec & I was like yelling...I loved them! I still do in fact! So happy to see them! Claudia Schiffer came on for a while. & Rowan Atkinson! Very short time on screen though. But the moment he appeared, the whole theatre burst out laughing. He just has a 'laugh at me' face! Ooh, & the show disses a lot of people! So cool! Heh...

After that, Clara called me(I was so surprised!) & she came down to meet us at PS...then we all went to Funan coz' Vidz wanted to get stuff...ate at Taco...then Vidz bought her stuff...& went Swensens & ate yummylicious ice-cream & laughed a lot there. Even the manager was laughing...coz' we were all spastic as usual. I miss Clara so much! She's like my partner in happy to see them all today! We sat in Swensens for so long we lost track of the time we got out of that place, almost all the shops in Funan were closed. Then we went to the toilet & it was bloody creepy. Scared the shit out of us...paranoid aye?

& Andrew told me that 6100's price is pretty I'm happy again...gonna get it next year...when I have the money! Haha...for now, I'm stuck with the phone I tried so hard to kill...but it didn't it'd better not die on me now when I'm like depending on it! Lol...

I'm waiting for vs Barcelona at Nou Camp...kinda worried...Real's playing away. But hey, they're like full team! & Ronaldinho is injured! happy! I'm wearing my Raul jersey for good luck! *crosses fingers* They're like biter's not a soccer thing anymore, it's like some politics thing yeah, Real gotta show Barca! Whee!

I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
Your love is all around me
& so the feeling grows

Wet Wet Wet [Love Is All Around]

Remember, Tiffy & Vidz? Haha...'Christmas is all around you...' I wanna watch it again & see Hugh Grant! Whee!

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