Tuesday, January 13

Gosh. Gosh. Haha...god, I should just stop gushing. & stop grinning Sam! It's almost 2 AM! Stop grinning please! Heh...

Okie dokie...lectures today the entire day...then went to meet Ting & Hong at Lot 1...Ting was late. As usual. Haha...all 3 of us went to Mac for a short while...passed Ting her Christmas prez. Lol...after that, went with her to pick up her sister...

So Hong & me came down to my area here...& we hung around for a couple of hours so...actually, he was just supposed to come to my block...heh...& he wanted to spring it as a surprise but it kinda backfired. Haha...but he's still so sweet! Goodness, he came down all the way just to spend like a couple of hours with me. Gosh. That's so so sweet. 11 MRT stops, another like 8 or so LRT stops, & another bus ride. Aww man. I'm so gushy now. Shut up Sam. I can't stop grinning. Eeaarrgghh.

How can anyone be so sweet? Man...he slept so late, was rather tired but still took like an entire hour to come down to see me. Aww man. Aww. Shit. Stop gushing. Ok, I've stopped.

Chatting to him online now. He's such a sweetheart. Heh...

I'm tired of closing, my eyes without you
I want you closer, I don't know what to do
I see you coming, I can't turn away
I'll never let you, let you go away

I'll make my mind, I've tasted love I know the game
Don't wanna lose you
Don't wanna lose you
& I never wanna let you go

Everything you do commits me to stay
It's the hardest thing I ever have to say, no
Coz' I wanna love like you always
Everything you do
Everything commits me to stay

You're all that matters, matters to me
You're all I want now, how could I let it be
Whatever happens, I'll be in your eyes
I'll take it back in, keep it all inside

No, I know I'll never let you go, yeah

Everything you do, everything commits me to stay

Breeze [To Stay]

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