Sunday, January 11

Haha...I did an IQ test at & I scored 133. & then I found out I'm worth $1,884,056.00 from

Shat, they're dumb but I'm amusing myself. It's really interesting!

Yepz, I wrote something late last night & early this morning.

The beauty of the night
Reminds me of you
Longing to hold you tight
& to kiss you too
This vision's in sight
But my mind's filled only with you
You make everything right
& my wishes come true

The moment I open my eyes
Your face appears in my mind
What we have has no price
It's invaluable, & it's blind
I pray that I no longer hear my cries
As every night, it's for you I pine
Not once, not twice, not even thrice
This feeling I have has brought me beyond time

Wrote the first one half asleep on my bed at night at about 1AM...& the second one half awake on my bed in the morning at about 9AM...haha...they don't make much sense do they? Haha...

Yepz, new link up! It's Brenda's blog...she's Hong's best gal pal if you haven't known by now...& she's so cute & funny...heh...

It's been 6 months, 8 days, 12 hours since you went away
I miss you so much & I don't know what to say
I should be over you
I should know better but it's just not the case
It's been 6 months, 8 days, 12 hours since you went away

Brain McKnight [6, 8, 12]

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