Saturday, January 17

Hmmm...went for Tiara's farewell party at Singapore Cricket Club yesterday but it wasn't much of a farewell knowing she's not leaving till the 26th & that we're gonna be seeing her on Tuesday. But it was fun though...& we took pics! Loads & loads of spastic pics! Whee! & me & Sammie were like so drunk. High on coke or something...our feet hurt & we took off our shoes & skipped around barefooted...even in Raffles City. fun! Anyway, Elle, Farhan, Dan, Trina, Sammie, Darrelle, Ayu & me got Tiara a card, a notebook from Kino & a pretty necklace & earrings set. We went shopping for them on Thurs & well, I got myself a nice little denim bag from Topshop! It's so pretty! Lol...& I made the entire class write in this booklet for her & have all their pics in it! I got Delima a 'Little Book of Hugs' & a card...I'm gonna miss them both! They're so crazy...& sighh...I sure am gonna miss them both!

Oh oh, by the way, Trina went officially missing for 5 entire hours. She didn't turn up at the party & she was uncontactable. Apparently, she left her phone with her cousin & she did go to the SCC but she wasn't allowed in! & she didn't know any of our numbers so poor her was feeling really desperate & helpless. She called me & told me about it when she got home...she seemed rather traumatized. Poor girl...but goodness, she's so funny while describing everything to me...I couldn't help but laugh. Heh...*guilty*

Prior to meeting them up at City Hall to go to the party, I met up with Hong at Far East for a really really short while. Passed him the 2nd 'The Strokes' album. Was so proud of myself for finding it! Haha...& he bought this nice shirt...which is like PINK but it's like really really light pink. Haha...but it's so nice! Bumped into Jess & Elyas & Hans & Zi Yen...they were all like hanging out together. We saw each other while crossing the road & started squealing & yelling & making hell lot of noise. Then Jess dragged me to one end & then we just like talked a bit. So happy to see Hans! Haha...& I was like hugging Jess & Hans. Haven't seen this crappy guy for AGES. Had no time to meet up with him since he got back to Singapore...he's going back to the US near the end of this month so gotta catch up with him soon. Then I headed down to City Hall...I only got to spend like an hour with him! *sulks* & he can't go out today coz' he gotta stay home & do all these chores for his mom...*double sulks* Blah...& then he's gonna be meeting Lee & I'm just gonna slack around...& I gotta wash the windows tomorrow as well. *triple sulks*

Sing about that, oh love is a brittle madness
Sing about it in all my sadness
Not falsified to say that I found god so
Inevitably well it still exists
Pale & fine I can't dismiss
& I won't resist
& if I die
Well at least I tried

Jason Mraz [On Love, In Sadness]

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