Monday, February 16

First, the song could be heard. Next, it became some other song by some other artiste. & the finale came. The song disapeared altogether. The mystery of the mutant song on my blog. So I'll leave this damn thing as it is, till the thing fixes it by itself.

Fucked up day it is.

Tremendous tremendous headache. I felt it throb throughout the day. Ate at Al-Almeen with Sammie, Elle, Darrelle, Farhan, Lisa, Faaizah & later, Dan, Felicia, Eunice & Lynette came & join us. Elle, Faaizah & me went back to school & watched this yawn-inducing movie while most of the others were at Beauty World playing Gunbound.

Had Marketing lecture. My headache got worse. I was drifting in & out of consciousness during class. & then, when class ended mercifully at 4, I went with Elle & Adi to do their dubbing & splicing practice while I waited for my CATS meeting at 5.

That was when things went wrong.

While Elle & Adi were doing their stuff, I settled my face into my arms & tried to sleep. But somehow, little unwanted thoughts crept into my mind & the next thing I knew, I was sobbing into my arms. I tried to be quiet but it was really difficult in the already quiet room. So I was just sobbing for one entire hour. & went for CATS meeting looking like crap. Dishevelled & all. I was just so stoned.

& Elle accompanied me home. Listened to pathetic ol' me go all teary & sniffly while I tried recalling the little details of what I was upset about. I'm so tired of feeling like this. Maybe Sammie's right. I should get professional help.

My head's throbbing real bad now. I want to do a little work but I just can't. So off to bed I go, I suppose. Sigh...

Time goes by
I just try
To hold my head up high
People try to deny
Coz' if I
Or just hide the feelings, what's inside
Broken hearts, & hard times
Don't let life break you down this time

I'm sitting & crying here
You're alone & dying
They're waiting for bad news
Like walking on broken glass
No answers for what was asked
You're all alone
Coz' you know that I'd give my life for you
Time can be
Nothing but our enemy

Don't give up
Just hold on
Is the pain just too strong
To hold on
Sometimes we're wrong
Then we do it right
& tonight
Will be the night
You'll break free
From this fight
Don't let life break you down this time

I die inside from all I feel
Does it have to be this way

Memories of yesterday
But it all just fades away
I gave up everything I had
To give you one more day
I know it's not right
Why do we feel this way
Why do I feel this way

Mest [Walking On Broken Glass]

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