Wednesday, February 18

Keep your head up Sam. & your pride too. You'll need them.

Met Ryan at Cine first to buy the tix for 'Along Came Polly', & Hong came after that. Met today coz' we had to return some stuff to each other - my Harry Potter book & his 8 Mile DVD. I felt so awkward, so lost, & just so strange. The pang I felt was so sudden, so abrupt & so painful, I was just at a loss. I just stood a short distance away, didn't know what to say to him. I tried acting normal. We were just talking while waiting for Vidz, but it felt so different. It felt so surreal. As if I wasn't there. I mean, my physical self was there but I was watching this whole scene as an outsider, separated from my body. He was sitting right beside me, yet so far away from me. I just didn't know what to feel.

When Vidz came, I was so glad, I probably died from relief. Yeah, we all watched 'Along Came Polly'. & it was rather funny...but I didn't really enjoy it that much. I couldn't really anyway. Hong & Ryan left for pool after the show. *shrug* It wasn't like we were really that enjoying one another's company I guess. He seemed rather awkward too. Like the whole walking in our own group kinda thing. I guess we didn't even say more than 15 words to each other. It was THAT weird. But I felt a bad bad pang of nostalgia that really got to me. Made me realize just how much I loved him. Oh wells.

Went Crepes & Creme with Vidz...we ate a lot. Ok, I ate a lot! *pats tummy* A LOT!!! & we talked about school & all. It's great! Vidz is GREAT! I'm going to present her with 'Favourite Person of the Year' award! Heh...she had classes till late & thought she wouldn't be able to meet me today but classes ended a little earlier & she actually came all the way down to give me moral support! Love this girl! Yay! Seeing her on Friday again! SoupWorks girlie! Yum yum. & I'm sure loads of weird things would happen eh? Little anecdotes with Vidz.

On a lighter note, I had a nightmare about Energy, WeWe & 5566. Apparently, this nightmare just proved that the Chinese music industry has been infiltrated with too many boybands. Lol...the dream was hilarious. Vidz would know. Haha...

I feel confused now. I was even more confused just now but Wei Hong talked sense again. Honestly, he's like my personal counselor. A wise young man. Can't believe he's the same age as my sis & yet, he seems so much more matured even though his face is quite the contrary. He looks about 18 but wow, he's good at this whole counseling thing. Feels better now. It's true. Maybe I need some kind of distraction to speed up this whole process of moving on. But I don't know what. Sigh...

I'm all out of love
I'm so lost without you
I know you were right
Believing for so long
I'm all out of love
What am I without you
I can't be too late
To say that I was so wrong

Air Supply [All Out Of Love]

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