Friday, February 27

Great time today!

Went to meet John Ji & his girlfriend - Tiara in town...we ate at Sakae(Heeren)! Woohoo! Sakae! But John Ji's gonna be banned from that place!, brudder? Your face is gonna be plastered all over the place! Haha...& Tiara's so sweet! We went to Life bookstore at Centrepoint & she got me a very sweet metallic bookmark with imprints of hearts all over it! I love it! It's so so pretty! Awww...& we click well! Lol...we even said the exact same thing at the exact same moment. Freaked brudder out. Heh...let's do it again sometime soon, brudder, Tiara? *big smilez*

After that, met up with Xun & Lynette at Centrepoint's CoffeeBean...& we went to Planet Pradigm coz' apparently, he's gonna have a party there in March. Again. He keeps organizing stuff like this! He talked to the management about the arrangement of chairs & tried to convince me that the club is cool but I was like, cool? It's like so stuffy inside...I couldn't feel any ventilation. Felt like I was suffocating. Yepz, then watched them play pool over there...bleargh. & Xun, you promised me. I'm your bestest friend right? You'll listen to me right? & we hooked pinkys right? You'd better quit it ok? Or I really wouldn't talk to you anymore. Haha...sounds so primary school but I don't care!

Then went to Cine with Xun(oh my god, you should have seen us skipping around, holding hands & swinging them up & down like little kids) & met up with WeiLiang & his friend for a while. Coz' they were there for a movie...then I hypered for about an hour or so(I think I made Alex tired), & I rushed home for American Idol. Haha...& Xun's friend looks so intimidating. Gah.

Anyways, Julz called. Haven't seen that boy for so long...& he's supposedly my other best friend. Haha...but yeah, he's kinda troubled. Give it time'll tide over. I assure you that...she'll have to understand...if she doesn't, make her understand. *hugz* I'm here anytime ok? Remember, I'm your twin.

Yepz, I'm kinda happy coz' I met up with so many people. Feel so productive. & I haven't seen brudder for so long. & I always have fun with Xun. Annoy the socks off him. Lol...I love annoying him. Everybody love annoying him. He's so nice to bully...the poor boy. Haha...Lynette bullied him. The guy at the pool place bullied him too. Haha...nah, I just love this fella. I'm saying this coz' I know he'd be reading this. Ahahaha...soooo...Xun, I want my meatballs! I don't care how broke you are(you always say that anyway!). I. Want. My. Meatballs. Haha...*wrings Xun's neck* MEATBALLS!

Yupz, my daddy went to the doctor's but couldn't get his X-ray done coz' he ate before that, when he's not supposed to. So the X-ray would be next Tuesday. *crosses fingers*

Jon Peter Lewis didn't get into the final 12! *wails* I want him! I want him! But he'll be back in the Wild Card. He'd better be!!!

& the results for Os are released tomorrow...hmmmm...I'm waiting to hear all the good news fellas!

Every time I have a few good happy hours
I start thinking I might be over you
There's a knock on my heart's door
It's your memory back for more
Yes, I've still got some hurtin' left to do

George Jones [I've Still Got Hurtin' Left To Do]

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