Thursday, February 26

This is bad. Bad bad bad.

I had a weird dream last night. It was really weird. I dreamt of Hong. & my dad.

Strangely, there was a Crescent college. & Hong was in 1st year, while the entire batch of Crescentians I know were in year 2. & he was somewhere behind me. We were listening to some stupid speech.

Then we were supposed to watch 'The Butterfly Effect' with a bunch of people. Ended up only the 2 of us went. But somehow, we ended up in the movie & Ashton was real. & he was painting some stuff. & Ashton had a wife & a little girl in the movie in my dream. So he was painting this old guy, who was strangely naked, & Hong & me went up to his room & watched 'Identity'. Really weird.

& then there was this scene of me in hospital crying coz' my dad was in hospital or something. Everything was just so jumbled up. It's so so odd. I woke up with a jolt & couldn't go back to sleep anymore...

Anyway, my dad's going to the hospital today for an X-ray. He's suspected of having appendix cancer. I didn't want to admit it, but I'm terrified. My mom told me that if it's an early detection, there's not going to be a problem as one can do without the appendix. But what we're afraid of is it's too late...

& I'm afraid to sleep
Coz' if I do, I'll dream of you
& the dreams are always deep
On the pillow where I'll weep

Dido [Afraid To Sleep]

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