Wednesday, February 25

It's 5.45AM...& I'm here blogging. Too happy to sleep! Just let me bore you a little about the match...

Real played Bayern & they drew! 1-1! Woohoo! Honestly, Real's away record hasn't been clean & a draw is certainly good enough. Just wait for the 2nd leg. Real will whip their asses at home.

But the poor dears were absolutely freezing. They were wearing gloves & blowing out wisps of cold air. Looked like they could do with a mug of hot chocolate by the fireplace. Poor dears.

& I never thought I'd say this, but Raul's presence wasn't felt, seen or even heard for that matter. Okay, just that couple of times. But what's up with him? Same goes for Little Blue Boots, I mean, Bugs, sorry, I mean Ronaldo. They were pretty much non-existent. Ooh, Guti's back from his long break. Rare seeing him play on the same pitch as Raul. & just as I was thinking about the long absence of Solari & Portillo, they put in Solari in the last 2 mins. Speaking of which, I haven't seen Cambiasso, Nunez & Reuben Gonzalez for ages. Where did they go?

& as grudging as I am, I still gotta admit Beckham pulled the team together. Along with Carlos. & Casillas. Casillas is like the best goalkeeper ever. The commentator was going on about him...haha...'Casillas has been terrific', 'fantastic save', 'Casillas saved once again', 'Casillas great, as always'...lalala. Whoopee.

Loads of bookings. Ballack(someone please tell him to go cut his bloody hair?), Figo, Zidane, & Ronaldo if I'm not wrong, for being an idiot & kicking the damn ball when the referee ruled offside. Dimecheli got booked too, even though I thought it wasn't entirely his fault. Carlos & Beckham got lucky. That scene they made was funny as hell though. Dimecheli fouled Carlos, Beckham got angry, came over & slapped/whacked/pushed(not sure which, coz' it was just a little shove) Dimecheli's face, & Carlos suddenly did a very un-Carlos thang. He punched Dimecheli in the face. Haha...okay, I was shocked that Carlos lost his temper. He's the best-tempered soccer player I have ever seen(& that's why I love him) & maybe he just snapped there & then. Haha...

Makaay looks retarded. Haha...but whatever. He scored. He does look a little psychedelic though. I would run if I see him on the streets. The whole slack-jawed thingy. Does he ever shut his mouth?

& Oliver Can't! Haha...thanks to him, Carlos's goal got through. Wonder how the ball slipped out from under Kahn's arms? Gah, can't wait for the 2nd leg!

Anyway, let's see what I did yesterday. Went for PSF(I took a cab down thinking I'd be late...but in the end, only a small handful of people came & it wasn't even a proper meeting, more of slacking at the clubhouse...haha...but never mind...), bummed around, listened to some stories & observations & even more stereotypes about Mass Commers & FSV people(it's just so unfortunate that we are judged by a small group of people...we're too generalized), Fadhil & Jia Yuan left for the Poetry Slam at Zouk(was contemplating whether to go but didn't), so Stacey, Sara, Skye, WeiLiang & I ended up at KAP for dinner. Were a pretty mad bunch yesterday. Everything was funny...Stacey started laughing at everything...& when I get started, I can't stop. & we bullied WeiLiang into tying his hair. Haha...poor guy. Sacrificed himself to give us the laughs. Haha...

Was browsing the Jason Mraz website yesterday & saw this, which I thought is really sweet:
'I love him, his music, his company, and his face when he breaks into uproarious laughter. I choose to remember the good times of nekkidness in front of the fireplace rather than the painful shite that followed, where the path just got too narrow for our two heavy hearts.'

'Enjoy the hell out of him and take good care of him. He means the world to me; he is just no longer my world.'

All these from Jason Mraz's ex-wife, Sheridan. Really sweet stuff. He means the world to me; he is just no longer my world. That's really really one of the sweetest things I've heard. Tinge with sadness however. But nevertheless, sweet.

Gotta wake up in 3 hours time coz' I'm meeting my IAC project mates. We're going for the appointment with the principal of Salvation Army. & I heard from my sis that the principal's really domineering & would step all over you & she's got me really worried because our proposal ain't really clear. Gotta prepare for some defences for the interrogation then. Bah.

In this world today
Love is scarce & far away
& your heart gets so afraid to trust someone
All the times he let you down
There was no love to be found
Well it's not the end
There'll be time to mend
& you'll love again

Never, never let a broken heart
Take a chance for love away
Don't never let it make you fall apart
Never, never ever let the pain
Take your need for love away
Never, no never

& I know it seems hard
Open up, let down your guards
But you owe it to your heart
To try again
Oh, comes the time
When we must change
With the past
As thrown away
Don't take the blame
Don't be ashamed
Throw your fears away

I know don't be afraid
Or you will never find
Another one you love again
I know that you'll be sorry girl
Be strong before it's too late
Because forever is too long
For you to live in pain
Just don't give up
Please open up to love
To love, to love

Boyz II Men [Never]

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