Monday, March 1

Excuse me? Haha...I have NOT forgotten about Mraz. He remains my darling. Haha...I just think Ben Jelen is hot. Haha...

Ok, went to school to collect our thesis. Screwed it up. & Ngee Ann was totally invaded. Bleargh.

Went to town with Ayu & Skye after that. Saw Clifford! Yay! *hugz hugz* He's always so smiley...everytime see that face, makes me smile coz' of that huge grin. Haha...anyway, ate at Burger King...we were there for so long coz' of some *erhem*, graphic conversation. *winks* Haha...& I bought a denim skirt. Finally! & then walked around rather aimlessly. Round & round. We seemed to be trapped in Far East. Haha...

After that went to Isetan & looked at my expensive. Eeaarrgghh.

Then off to Borders' CoffeeBean. I hate that guy. He cheated me. So in the end, I had to drink a large cup of The Ultimate which was so filling, & I got so sick of it after some time. Yeah. I hate that fella. Was feeling rather crazy & hyper...but then, somehow, the atmosphere turned rather sombre when we were talking about certain stuff. Bleargh. Who am I trying to kid? I'm over it, but not TOTALLY over yet. Eeaarrgghh. Drats.

Yepz, by the way, saw like some big shot being escorted by 4 traffic policemen! & we thought there was some drama unfolding & being the kaypohs we are, we were craning our necks to see desperately. Haha...& Ayu was like, getting all confused. This guy was running to cross the traffic light in time & she thought that guy was running from the traffic police. Lol...wonder who the big shot was?

Yeah, I saw my 5th green cab today! Yay! I'm keeping count. So now I'm keeping a lookout for the red & silver ones.

Oh oh, we were singing some rather...interesting songs today. Haha...& Skye was like, a little influenced. Right? *winks* Lol...

Black black heart
Why would you offer more
Why would you make it easier on me, to satisfy
I'm on fire
I'm rotting to the core
I'm eating all your kings & queens
All your sex & your diamonds

David Usher [Black Black Heart]

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