Monday, March 1

Something nagging at the back of my mind for some time now. My dad's going for his colonoscopy tomorrow. It's not appendix. My mom got mixed up.

I just hope it's just a scare. When my brother was 8, he was admitted to the hospital coz' the doctor thought he had some brain disease. But yeah, it was nothing. Just a scare. I cried from relief then.

Let's just hope it's the same. That I would be crying from relief & nothing else tomorrow.

But I feel bad. My mom, sis & brother-in-law are taking the day off tomorrow to accompany my dad there. Coz' he needs to be driven home after being sedated & all. I'll be out buying stuff for my IAC project. But I wish to be there as well. Even though my dad says there's no need coz' we wouldn't be allowed in with him anyway. But hell, I feel bad.

My uncle died from colon cancer last year coz' it was detected too late. I'm afraid. My mom's terrified. But my dad's going about as usual. Just complaining about eating porridge for 3 days that's all. Wonder if he's seriously not worried or is he just putting on a front?

Nothing can happen to him. Please please please. Let nothing happen to him. Gastric ulcers or something. But not cancer. Please let him be ok. If anything happens to him, I swear I don't know how we're going to go on. Please.

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