Monday, March 15

I hate it when people take advantage of my dad's good nature. I absolutely hate it. I swear, I'd say something if I did not want to risk being disrespectful. But because I respect my elders, I kept quiet. Honestly, they are healthy, they've got hands & legs, can't they find a proper job instead of waiting for my dad to feed them? It's an entire family of 6! Come on. My dad has his own family to feed. & if it's gram, fine. It's only right. But you, being the eldest brother, actually has to depend on my dad? Come on, if you didn't gamble your money away, if you had decided to settle down properly & get a proper job, you wouldn't be living in that old dilipidated hut. The house where you have to set pails around the house on rainy days, the house where you don't have a proper toilet nor shower, the house without a fan, the house with the zinc-roof almost caved in. Gram is your mom. Why do you fight with her everyday, make her mad like hell, & call my dad to mediate? My dad has enough trouble as it already is. He's paying for you guys, & mediating, & trying to be the middle-person. Just fucking compromise & everything'll be fine. Gram is getting on in her years, just give in for god's sake! & why did my dad have to pay for the entire birthday celebration while you guys stuffed yourselves silly with the food. He asked you to buy a cake, you guys took advantage of that & bought an enormous cake which costs S$50? What? A cake to feed you guys for 2 months? It's so enormous, it could feed the refugees of Vietnam! & whatsmore, he has to give you guys monthly allowance? Is it me, or does anyone see the problem here? Gram lives off dad, that's understandable. But you, that's ridiculous. Honestly, go get a job like a normal person & support your family yourself!

Gosh, sorry I ranted so. Anyway, on a lighter note, my gram just turned 92. Isn't that amazing? 92! Wowee. Imagine living to 92! She's still rather healthy...except for the crutch she now needs after a stroke. But she thinks fine(no Azheimer's Disease surprisingly!), she speaks fine, just a little slow when she walks. My super woman of a gram. family went grocery shopping after that. & guess what? I found the hairspray I was searching for all over the place! I'm saved! Whew. Thank goodness! No more frizzies. Thank you thank you thank you.

Anyway, watched 'Butterfly Effect' yesterday. Ashton is WAY hot. Oh yum. The show just rocks. It got Floyd thinking. Haha...& oh oh, Floyd was given an interesting flyer by a Bangladesh. Haha...*wink* That Bangladesh just thrusted that piece of paper into his chest & when I saw what it was, I choked. Haha...go ask him! Saw Taufiq & his friends doing photography in town. Heh...& I got to eat my Yoshi! But the journey home was horrible. We were packed like sardines on the bus. & we were so squashed, I almost ran out of breath. I need more air coz' I don't get much air down there right? & all I could see were the backs of people. So I had to tiptoe for more fresh air. Haha...oh wells!

Skye, Elle, Rose & Leon came over today to do the baggings for the stuff for IAC...& also to plan the games. I'm feeling rather stressed...Marketing test on Tues, IAC on Wed, Writ Comm test on Sat. I'm going to die. So burdened. I need to unload all these shit. Gosh. I should run away to Hawaii next week. After everything. No, wait. We still have the SocPsych assignment & the horrendous WebGraph assignment as well. Geez. That's great.

Maybe my love will come someday
Only heaven knows
Maybe our hearts will find their way
Only heaven knows
& all I can do is hope & pray
Coz' heaven knows

Rick Price [Heaven Knows]

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