Saturday, March 13

Oh my god. I had a long long entry & then an error occurred while I was posting so it got wiped out. Asshole. I shoulda copied the damn thing first!

Ok, so to sum it up:

School. Then make-up CATS, where I didn't know anyone but mercifully, Irene let me off an hour early coz' I couldn't do discussion for the skit without my original CATS group. Saw Taufiq & waited with him for his camera. Met the vampire(he's so unnerving!!!). Went to town with Fiq(me to meet Vidz, him to meet his friends)...Cine - long queue for S.H.E. I could see the pathetic queue miles away! But managed to squeeze in...ate at Pastamania. Watched 'Something's Gotta Give'. Mediocre show, thought Keanu was gorgeous though(I'm no obssessed fan of his. Trust me, I've never watched a single 'Matrix' before). He's way way hot. So sweet & sincere in the show. Made me gush so much. But dang, too many mediocre shows in a year. Haha...saw Wing & Miao queueing for the S.H.E. thang. Reminded me when I was a groupie myself. Mui at Cine too! Whee! 4C3 gathering?

Watched the American Idol thang. William Hung is so blown out of proportion. He's releasing an album in April? Who's gonna buy it? Ok, know you guys are sick of hearing about him, but my sis's smses are hilarious:

Sis: Will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will willy
Sis: He looks like he has Down Syndrome. I can't decide to laugh or cry when I see him. I'll die if I marry someone like him...
Sis: Aarrgghh! He's still the same. 2 left feet...& 2 left hands!
Sis: At least he's making big bucks...can afford...I mean, marry a China bride now. Poor thing.
Sis: He's getting sympathy points lah. Seen anyone uglier than him?
Sis: Need to go & shit. Laugh until want to UGLY!

She's so funny! & yeah, once again, she's not home. Her fiance's at reservist & I don't understand how she can stay alone at her bloody quiet & creepy house. Bleargh.

Oh, for your information, Real Madrid won Bayern & Bayern's left chasing their tails out of the Champions League. But yeah, some ugly brawl...almost everyone on the pitch was involved. & Raul got whacked in the face. But hell, at least they're through. 1 worry's gone. Now, worried about the semis...

& oh, Jon Peter Lewis was American's choice! I knew he has a huge fan base there! & I guessed who chose who correctly! Woohoo! Haha...more of Jon please! He's so pinchable!

If I had to drive all day
Take that flight
Across the ocean
I'm coming home tonight
Don't let it play on your mind
Coz' my devotion is for all time

Westlife [Drive]

P.S. Had to have their song in my head coz' I had an odd dream about them after seeing the news about Bryan's decision to leave.

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