Thursday, March 4

I'm happy! Way way way happy! for the Mark Chay thang, *does lips zipping gesture* Sorry fellas! It's a secret! Haha...I had a major ego boosting session with Ting yesterday. Love ya girl! *muah*

Heh, anyway, a friend of Ting, let's call him - E, broke up with his girlfriend. Which is quite a surprise since they were so lovey dovey. But hey, it was expected since he got retained once in JC, screwed up his 2nd chance by not making it again, & now, he's waiting to get into poly. While his girlfriend is waiting to get into university. yeah, she can get someone better. Her qualities are good afterall, looks, smarts...

So anyways, this story did a lot to me. & of coz', what Ting's boyfriend - HongQuan said. Hahaha...what he said is mean, but so totally true. & of coz', there are some other reasons why I'm happy...heh...

Vidz cancelled on me today! Bleargh bleargh! She had to go back to school. So I slacked around at home...Photoshop test tomorrow, but I still know nuts about it. I'm a frigging computer idiot! Haha...nah, have a premonition I'm gonna screw it up!

Ah well, I'm meeting Ting tomorrow! Happy happy! I haven't felt happy for so long! Happy happy!

Anyway's here's an analysis about me(but who cares right? Haha...too bad, bear with me! I've became a narcissist overnight! Me me me!):

Ki System

Natal Year number: 5
Although Samantha at heart suffers from a sense of insecurity, she nevertheless portrays a confident yet sympathetic exterior to the outside world that enables her to get along well with other people. Indeed even though she is not really a team player, she is likely to reach a position of authority because she enjoys the strength of independent thought upon which others can rely.

Natal Month number: 3
A generous and kindly spirit, Samantha's quick brain is inclined to master only superficial knowledge of her subject. Her impulsive nature tends to make her somewhat idealistic, and thus her responses owe rather more to gut instinct than to reason. Samantha will be happier in self-employment than trapped in a structured business or hierarchical organisation.

Natal House number: 7
Life is likely to provide Samantha with many different challenges, but in the end she will overcome the difficulties and make solid progress. She is prone to talk about subjects on which she has little knowledge, but her communication skills are such that she can be quite persuasive. She needs to focus on her long-term objectives.

Comments based on Western Grid

Although Samantha is often outgoing and chatty, she can at times be quite introspective. She may not of course see herself as an entertainer, but she nevertheless has all the qualities needed for the stage. She may seem shy on interview, but put her on a platform with an audience, and you will see the benefits that she can bring to any employment that demands such skills.

Creative yet somewhat insecure, Samantha is a family-orientated person who enjoys domestic responsibilities. She could well be employed in the hospitality industry - perhaps running a hotel, or B & B venture. In an office environment Samantha will be valuable as the individual to whom others will turn for moral support. But home for Samantha is where the heart is, and domestic responsibilities will always be important.

A perceptive individual, Samantha takes little on trust. She maintains fixed views which once established are difficult to change. Conscientious by nature, she will make a good businessman or accountant, but being naturally perceptive, and unwilling to accept views of others without solid evidence, she may well turn to philosophy.

Ambitious to improve her lot, Samantha will constantly push forward to achieve something in her life, yet this ambition will be balanced by humanitarian ideals that will lead her to support causes that may demand self-sacrifice.

[The Arrow of Scepticism: lacking the numbers 3, 5 and 7]

Taking little on trust, in adult life Samantha requires solid proof before she accepts a concept. Characterised by honesty and fairness, she is quite intuitive, yet firmly sceptical of the claims made, for example, by religion. This may be important at work, if employers require employee acceptance of work practices that are not immediately verifiable.

Comments based on Chinese Grid

Samantha will be reasonably successful in financial terms, and enjoy a degree of luck.

Emotionally well-balanced, Samantha is not too intense, and will reach the right decisions. However, with the numbers 2 and 3 in the Chinese version, the balance may be upset.

Samantha is family-orientated, and needs a pleasant working environment as well as a comfortable home.

In the absence (in the Chinese version) of the numbers 1 and 6, she will be good with money and details. She will be happier if the Chinese grid includes the numbers 5 and 7.

Samantha is intelligent, and prepared to learn. Without the numbers 3, 5 and 7 in the Chinese version, Samantha is likely to use her head at the expense of her heart, which can lead her to become something of a workaholic.

[The Arrow of Willpower: The numbers 1, 5 and 9]

Samantha is somewhat stubborn and very determined. Holding strong opinions that she will voice without reservation, she will nevertheless reach her goals through persistent hard work.

[The Arrow of Prosperity: The numbers 1, 6 and 8]

Samantha is suited to the commercial world because she is determined to make money - if necessary at the expense of all else. Without the numbers 3, 5 and 7 (in the Chinese version) Samantha will be a cold and calculating individual who will achieve her aims with total disregard for the feelings of others.

Moi? Cold & calculating? *hurt* Haha...

Don't wanna, don't wanna talk about it
I say why not
Don't wanna think about it
I say there're got to be some good reason for your little black back pack
Upsmack turnaround he's on his back &

Don't wanna tango with you
I'd rather tangle with him'
I think I'm gonna bash his head in
This shouldn't concern you except that
Just don't expect to get your bloody black back pack back

Stroke9 [Little Black Back Pack]

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