Saturday, March 6

Ahaha...ok, just got out from the shower. Reached home at 11.10...from a wonderful day. *grinz*

Went to PS, bought tix, went to Coffee Club Xpress for coffee, watched 'Cat in the Hat'(it's really corny...& educational. Haha...), & then hung around at a nice quiet place coz' none of us was hungry. & after that, we hung around in the Ladies. Haha...erm, yeah, all in all, it was a great great day. Haha...can't put it any better. Yum. Haha...but yeah, someone told me I need distraction. So this is only a distraction. Don't worry Ting, this is a one off thing. Or maybe two off. Haha...but nothing's going to come out of it, don't worry. Heh...nothing more than a little fling. Although I must admit, it was good. Kinda exciting in the Ladies. Haha...didn't know when anyone would walk in. Hahaha...oh wells! Rather amusing. We share so many interests, we're alike in so many many ways, but somehow, we both know that we're not suitable for each other. Although that didn't really stop us. Haha...ok ok, I'm going rather mad. Haha...

Ok, I don't know what else to say. Except that today was amazing. Bwahaha...tired out now...from everything. Haha...

Would it take a bakers dozen to get my point to you?
Would it take a half a pound to roll a joint for you?
Would it take some hailing mary's so full of grace to get my sound to you?
Will you help me break it down and get on through?

Now to the other side
Its easy if you only try, try, try, try
Well don't lie down on the job, oh yeah
Because once we hit the top there's no stopping us, no
Ain't no stopping us

Should I address all my letters to the well to be?
Should I say return to sender is just a well be done?
Should I better not take it so personally if all the good loving is never received?
Baby if it was me, well I wouldn't think twice

No not I, I, I, I, I, I
Its easy if you only try, try, try, try
Well, don't lie down on the job or worse
Because once we hit the top there's no stopping us, no
There's no stopping us
There's no stopping us, no
No stopping us

Ooh, I will drive a thousand miles or I'll meet you at the station
If only you would take a vacation from this thing you have created
I promise to make it worth your while
(You know, you know that I'll try)

So come on, try, try, baby baby, won't you try
It's easy if you do not run
Well I promise you you'll have your fun, fun
Because once we hit the top we've just begun
Ooh, there's no stopping us
There's no stopping us, yeah
There's no stopping us

Jason Mraz [No Stopping Us]

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