Wednesday, March 10

Whoa. I honestly messed up my timetable by switching my classes around today. & I thought I'd be joining Skye for IAC but horror of all horrors! She realized her IAC is next week. So I'd be all alone. Drats. But hell, I'll survive 2 measly hours. I still wonder whether I'm doing the right thing. This is like so extreme, messing up my timetable just so I can see him. Blah! But I frigging promised him before I realized my IAC is this week, not next. So hell, I'll keep to my promise.

Brain's rather warped now. I doubt I can understand today's IAC. Not like there's much to understand in IAC anyway. But still. My brain's gonna die on me after this semester. My WritComm lecturer(whom I shouldn't name due to circumstances) - K just seriously fries everyone's brains. I analyzed with Skye, & we both agreed that if we were to listen to him, & not have to think of anything, or to do any of those assignments, we'd enjoy it pretty much. He's fascinating. I don't hate him but I'm just a little afraid of him. In the, 'Whoa whoa, is he going to call on me?' that kinda thang. It's so unfair he's leaving after this sem. All the freshmen coming in should get a taste of what it's like under him. He was going on & on about feminism yesterday. I find it interesting when he starts like spouting random stuff, but I totally hate it when he starts rambling off names & I'm left clueless, with my mouth hanging open to say the least. He'd go at the speed of the 50 words/minute, & then suddenly, names like 'Kundera', 'James Miller', 'Auden'...will come up, & I'd be torn between writing down the names & throwing my pen at him. Haha...& he says we distract him when he digresses. Like what the hell? Ah, but the whole freedom thing yesterday was interesting, or maybe coz' I understood at least. Haha...'There's no absolute freedom. Freedom can only exist as restricted freedom. Isn't it ironic?' That so makes sense when he went on about the laws of gravity, nature & physics. Makes it sounds so complex. & cool. Haha...dang, I'm losing my marbles. HAHAHA! Ok, if I go on about K somemore, Floyd's so gonna kill me. I'll stop my 'worshipping' of him here.

But hey, we should all build a shrine for him after we graduate. I gotta admit life's not gonna be the same without the weekly brain picking. Haha...

PSF yesterday...went to KAP to eat with Skye, YiYing, Stacey & Shad after that. I'm so goddamn sick of Macs. *gag*

& oh, by the way, the spastic 'Light Years' thang came up last week. & you know what? I missed it even though I was at home! Dammit. I totally forgot about it till I received like smses telling me they saw me. & I ran to switch on my tv but it had already ended. So freaking annoying! & wifey said that I wasn't acting, I was so myself with the groupie thing. EXCUSE ME? I was an ex-groupie! Ok, scrape that. I wasn't even a groupie! I just ummm...chased celebrities. Those were the darkest ages of my life. (But I'll still do it if it's Jason Mraz or Raul or what not. Haha...) & not anyone as weird looking as that Willy guy! PUHLEAZ!

Okie dokies, I'm too lazy to step out of the house so I'll just cab over to school later. Bleargh.

If the tears, should ever cloud your eyes
If the rain, should ever draken the skies above you
You'll be alright
Coz' I'm here, I'm here
& I'll turn your grey skies back to blue
Coz' there's nothing I won't do for you

Just a whisper away, I'm closer to you
Than the air that you breathe
Believe me it's true
I will never leave, I promise to you
Forever, forever we will be

If tomorrow feels like a lonely room
Without someone there holding you
Know you'll be alright, I'll be at your side, at your side
Hold on tight
You know I'll never be too far
Coz' I wrote this promise on your heart

Whenere you're stranded in the cold
Remember my love's an overcoat
I'm here to keep you safe in my arms
Where you belong

Whenever you're afraid
I'll be your hiding place
I won't be late for you

plusONE [Be]

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