Tuesday, March 30

So I'm up again. I'm not going to survive today apparently. I've got a feeling I'm gonna barf. Urgh.

Anyway, he forgot. He didn't call. Why ain't I surprised? I'm hurt, & terribly confused as to what happened to drive this distance between us. But yeah, I guess I'll never find out if I can NEVER get hold of him.

My heart's doing this weird little dance inside. & I feel so weird. So terribly weird. As if I've lost something important. But what? Seeming that we don't know each other for long. Somehow, he came in & left foot prints.

Over using the word 'weird' today. But I don't know what else can describe what I feel.

I don't know what to say. At a loss of words now. I'm just really hurt.

I need someone now. But who? Who can I go crying & wailing to? I don't know...

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