Saturday, April 3

Finished the book Skye lent me. Floyd, it is NOT a thrashy romance novel. You want to see what's a thrashy romance novel? My sis has got boxfuls. I'll show you one day. Haha...they all have pictures of a busty woman & a man with rippling muscles and they're in an embrace with expressions of wan...never mind. You get the idea.

Haha. Ok, I digressed. Back to the book. Anyway, it's not those brain picking kind. It's just light hearted, & yet really heart warming. & oh, it's witty. It's the British sense of humour. Wicked. Lol...

Ok, random thoughts here:

I always wonder, why do they have 'Keep Away From Fire' in large blue letters on the labels of Topshop underwear? I mean, who's gonna leave them around fireplaces? Unless the reason those people buy the underwear is to start a bonfire. Then the label becomes pointless right? (Vidz, I know, I'm still thinking about this. Sorry! :p)

My toes have become deformed after many years of abuse from complete strangers & friends alike.

My dark circles are so prominent, if I go without cover stick, I could probably pass off as the Bride of Frankenstein. Or Morticia. *sings Addam's Family's theme song*

Actually, I don't like politics. I can't stand politics. They're boring, & I know this is wrong but I couldn't care less. *guilty*

How can people string proper sentences together with spellings like 'disision' & 'intension'? & still want to be a a lawyer someday? Is this the end of Singapore's future gene pool?

How does someone pass off as someone else for 1 & a half year without being exposed? (I'm referring to Daniel, this person I know. I don't know where he got my number from but he msged me last year & I thought it was another Daniel I know so he pretended to be that Daniel for 1 & a half year. It isn't funny. I'm THAT gullible. But I found out. Or should I say, his conscience got the better of him after 1 & a half year & I'm effing furious.)

When someone offers you tickets to Australia, free lodging & paid expenses, & also to pay for your school fees, is it too good to be true? (Dammit Sam, yes it is. Don't even think about it.)

Why does Andrew envy my life when he knows I've gotten screwed over countless of times since he knew me?

Where did my 6100 go? Is it in the grubby paws of a construction worker, or it is lying somewhere inconspicuous & forgotten?

Where does all the food I consume go to? My calves?

Life is the most scary thing because you'll never get out of it alive.

Why are there so many Davids in the world?(Floyd, Trina & I had an overdose of Davids yesterday.)

Is there a problem naming my future 30 kids January to December, Sunday to Monday, One-ey, Two-ey, Three-ey, Four-ey...(you get my idea)?

Is there a problem with me wanting 30 kids?

Why does Xun always claim he's broke when he earns a fortune organizing those parties?

So, will daylight saving actually give us more hours in a day?

I actually like mindless, senseless conversation in which we discuss mindless, senseless stuff.

I'm a sucker for romance. But I'm a contradiction. I dislike flowers(yes, I actually dislike flowers) coz' they serve no purpose except to look pretty(but then again, the same can be said about some people as well). So that means I'm practical. But no, I like romantic surprises. Heck. Gimme those damn flowers afterall.

Flowers are rip-offs. Why do they cost like 7 bucks per stalk when you can pluck it off some neighbour's garden for free? & 2 days later, they wither & die? & then you've got no use for them unless you've always had the quirky habit of pressing flowers in between books. Otherwise, scatter them along the corridor to create the 'Someone came 2 days ago & filled my corridor with flowers' impression.

If I try to fail, & succeed, what have I achieved?

If blondes get all the flak, why are there so many bottle blondes around? You mean people actually enjoyed being laughed at?

How can we finish so many assignments in such a short period of time?

I think I desperately need sleep coz' my mind is jumbled with too many random thoughts. Get them out, get them out. I need sleep. Head's throbbing.

I'll finish this up with something I find amusing:

Here's a good trick: Get a job as a judge at the Olympics. Then, if some guy sets a world record, pretend that you didn't see it & go, "Okay. Is everybody ready to start now?"

I don't know why. I find it funny. Hahas.

It's no good being here with me
I'm a little scared of the things you see
It's no good having friends at all
They do me no good, they don't do me no good at all

It's no good living in the past
It's no good at all you know it don't last
It's no good making a change
There's nothing to change I don't want to rearrange

Simply Red [Broken Man]

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