Sunday, April 11

Spent my day cooped up in the library. Not my most ideal way of spending a Saturday. But we've got no choice. Consultation with K on Tuesday. The impending doom...

Met Floyd, went to school, met Skye at around noonish...spent a couple of hours in the school's library. We ended up reading stuff not related to I-Search at all. Eargh.

Then it was off to Woodlands. Went to eat with them both. & Floyd threatened to burn me just because I don't like bandung. he called me a mutant freak. I have never seen anyone get so emotional over a cup of rose syrup. & oh, he thought mutton comes from cows. Haha...

Met up Darrelle at the library. Then Elle came for a while. & Wilson came & join us too. It's crazy. I feel like I'm back in the Bauhaus period. Where everyone gets tired & demented & starts laughing for no apparent reason. Especially Darrelle. Even her laughter sounded weird. Like so cartoonish. & we killed god knows how many trees photocopying those stuff. Don't blame us. Blame K.

I wonder how I'm gonna come up with all that he wants by Tuesday when he rejected my modified thesis. Eargh. He's so annoying. I hope the new thesis does fine. Or I'll wring his frigging neck.

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