Thursday, April 1

Well see, me spilling the beans is not for any sympathy or whatsoever. The dam just burst. I suppose I should never have told her seeing how close they are but it just burst free. I don't need anyone to trust me. As long as I know that I'm not lying.

I really didn't want to...but then, when I started, I just couldn't stop. I've kept the full story in me for so long. & I just couldn't stop. I understand that she'll choose to trust him as they have known each other longer & all but believe me, it was NEVER my intention to sow discord between him & his friends. I'm not bitching about him. I'm just saying it as it is. They did happen. It doesn't matter whether anyone trust me or not. It really doesn't benefit me to spread rumours about him. So yeah...I guess I expected this. But it's ok. I'm not complaining. We're all entitled to our own opinions. Lol...

Felt a slight pang when I saw the photos. He's having a good time & not thinking about what happened at all. Why should he? Oh wells...


Amy Adams? Why her? Are you all tone-deaf or something? Gosh, she's one of the better voices around! & Latoya? Are they mad? I thought it'd be Camille(I like her but she's just not good enough) & John Stevens(why's poor Archie crying?). But yeah, this week's a shocker. Shocked. & guess what? JPL is still loved. WAY LOVED. He can do no wrong, people. Haha...

Oh, by the way, new links up! Posh, Sel & Ben. They're my new fwenz & they're really nice & you know what? Read their anecdotes & if you like them(which I assure you will coz' I love them...haha...), VOTE! VOTE VOTE VOTE! Heh... *starts sounding like Ryan Seacrest (ATT wireless subscribers...drones drones drones...)*

Yix finally has a blog as well! Finally girlie! It's been way too long! Will reply your letter when I've got the time! Catch up ok? :)

I know you got a boyfriend - another man
Another guy by your side
Someone who hopefully treats you right
But you don't know how much I wish I was
Your boyfriend - that other guy
The only one who's allowed
In your room to lay in your arms at night
Now you don't know how much I wish I was your boyfriend

5566 [Boyfriend]

I just need something to laugh at & this song always reduces me & some others to hysterics. But I am NOT a closet 5566 fan. Right Floyd? Skye? Darrelle? Haha...we know who is. *coughsTrinacoughs*

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