Saturday, May 1

Free. Free. FREE! Ahaha! I-Search is done, just had the Marketing paper yesterday. It was ok. Wasn't too bad, wasn't too good. Let's just hope I can manage a pass at least. Got a B- for the Flash assignment. Lol...that's better than I expected!

Darrelle, Skye, Danielle, Mas, Lisa, Wilson, Faaizah, Dan & I went ice-skating at Jurong East. I suppose we wanted to try something else other than movies & all. So ice-skating it was. Bloody hilarious. We played a game called 'Make Dan Fall Before 4' but he didn't. Drats. & me & Skye just went round & round in circles while being tortured with endless S.H.E. songs. They all but killed me & Skye. Darrelle seemed to enjoy it though. & hey! Do you know what's the best part of ice-skating? That someone else pulls you along & you don't have to move a muscle. Me & Skye took turns dragging each other, & then we made Dan drag us. Poor thing. He was so tired. HAHA! Faaizah, it must have been rough on ya. *hugglez* No more ice-skating eh? No worries! Van Helsing on Thurs remember? Keep Thurs free people!

So free now. Trying to find a vacation job coz' I've got like almost 2 months to kill. I don't want to just rot at home.

Step, step, side to side
Round & round, hit the dock
Separate, bring it back
& let me see you do the love slide

R Kelly [Step In The Name Of Love]

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