Saturday, May 1

I got this off Britt's journal. I tweaked it a little though. I'M BORED. Too lazy to step out, & my body's a little achy from yesterday's ice-skating. Haha...

[Name]: Samantha
[Name Backwards]: ahtnamaS
[Does your name mean anything?]: Not that I know of.
[Birthday]: October 18, 1986
[Age]: 17+
[Astrological sign?]: Libra.
[Chinese zodiac sign?]: Tiger.
[Were you named after anyone?]: No.
[Current Location]: Umm, Singapore?
[Height]: 1.5 something. Haha...
[Shoe Size]: 5
[Hair color]: Black.
[Eye color]: Black.
[Innie or Outie?]: Outie.
[Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous?]: Righty. I wish I'm ambidextrous though. Darn.

Do you have...
[Any sisters?]: An older one.
[Any brothers?]: A younger pain in the ass.
[Any pets?]: No.
[A pager?]: No.
[A personal phone number?]: A cellie, yes.
[A leather jacket with studs on it?]: Haha! No.
[A Pool or hot tub?]: No.
[A car?]: No.

Have you ever...
[Gotten a speeding ticket?]: How do you get a speeding ticket when you don't drive?
[Been in a wreck?]: No.
[Been arrested?]: No.
[Kicked someone in the nuts?]: I kneed someone in the nuts before.
[Held a gun?]: No.
[Drank?]: Yes.
[Been married?]: No.
[Cried over a girl?]: No.
[Cried over a boy?]: Yes.
[Lied to someone?]: Duh. If you say you don't lie, you're lying.
[Been in love?]: Yes, I suppose. Just that couple of times.
[Fallen for your best friend?]: We weren't best friends before we got together, but yeah, we're best friends now. After we broke up. Haha...
[Been rejected?]: Once. A deep unforgettable once.
[Been in lust?]: Haha. Yes.
[Used someone?]: No.
[Been used?]: YES. Recently.

Describe your...
[Driving]: Not applicable. Lol...
[Car or one you want]: Haven't thought of it yet. A Lamborghini? Haha...I wish.
[Room]: Blue, & stuffy.
[Shoes]: Charles & Keith sandals! & white Birks which have turned a nasty shade of gray. & Reebok running shoes.
[Bed]: Double decker. I occupy the upper deck & it's lined with stuff toys.

Do you...
[Believe in yourself?]: I'm not sure...
[Consider yourself a good listener?]: I suppose so...
[Consider yourself a good friend?]: I don't know...
[Save your AIM conversations?]: Don't have AIM.
[Like to talk on the phone?]: Yepz.
[Like to drive?]: I will if I do.
[Get motion sickness?]: Yes, ALL THE TIME.
[Eat Chicken fingers with a fork?]: Sometimes.
[Dream in color?]: Yesh.
[Type with your fingers on home row?]: No. Haha...
[Sleep with a stuffed animal?]: Well, yeah.

What is/are
[Right next to you?]: My wardrobe.
[your mouse pad?]: A pink piggy one from Happy House!
[Your dream car?]: A Lamborghini?
[Your dream honeymoon spot?]: Spain.
[Under your bed?]: The lower deck. Haha...
[Your bad time of the day?]: Before I'm going to bed. I'm the most grouchy at that time.
[Your worst fear(s)?]: Dogs & piranhas cross breed to become...I don't know...some man-eating monster.
[The time?]: 4:01PM
[The date?]: May 1st. Labour Day!
[The hardest thing about growing up?]: All the fights with parents.
[Your funniest experience?]: I can't remember...
[Your scariest moment?]: When I heard bells following me all the way to my corridor.
[The silliest thing you've said?]: I'm always saying silly things.

[Number]: 2, 7, 13
[Color]: Blue. All sorts of blue!
[Month]: October. Haha!
[Song]: All my oldies. But right now, 'She's So High' by Kurt Nilsen & 'After The Love Has Gone' by Earth, Wind & Fire.
[Movie]: 'Minority Report', 'Freaky Friday', 'Identity', 'Final Destination', 'Love Actually', 'Butterfly Effect'...
[Book]: The Diary of Jack the Ripper (Chilling Confessions of James Maybrick), Harry Potter especially Prisoner of Azkaban...
[Season]: Ummm...probably, autumn.
[Sport]: Samball! Lol...
[Class]: I don't like them all.
[Drink]: Sprite Ice, Justea, Ice-cream soda, Coke...
[Veggie]: Asparagus, only if it's all wrapped up in bacon & fried. Yum.
[Store]: Topshop...all the shopping done with Vidz there! Lol...
[Animal]: Blah. I don't like animals. Probably chipmunks or squirrels if asked to choose.
[Flower]: I don't like flowers much either.
[State]: Alaska

This OR that
[Coke/pepsi]: Coke.
[Day/night]: Night.
[Aol/aim]: Neither.
[Cd/casette]: CD.
[Dvd/vhs]: DVD.
[Jeans/khakis]: Jeans.
[Car/truck]: Car.
[Tall/short]: I'm short, if that's what you mean.
[Lunch/dinner]: Dinner.
[NSYNC/BSB]: N'Sync.
[Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera]: Christina.
[Gap/Old Navy]: Neither.
[Lipstick/Lip gloss]: Ah drats. Both. I'm very much about lippies.
[Silver/Gold]: Silver.

Are you a...
[Wuss?]: Kinda...
[Druggy?]: No.
[Daydreamer?]: Yesh...
[Freak?]: Haha...I suppose so?
[Dork?]: Am I?
[Bitch/Asshole?]: I'm a bitch but I'm a proud one. There are nice bitches around remember? *remember that famous e-mail to K?*
[Brat?]: No.
[Sarcastic?]: Definitely.
[Goody-goody?]: Sometimes...
[Angel?]: I'd like to think so.
[Devil?]: A little of both I suppose?
[Shy?]: Depends...
[Talkative?]: When do I stop?
[Adventurous?]: I'm not sure myself...
[Joker?]: I'm crappy so yes I suppose?

[Did you find this as lame as I did?] Yes, but I'm a lamer so it's ok. Forgiven.

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