Tuesday, May 4

What a day! I finally got to see Ting after ages. See what happens when your bestie gets a boyfriend? You see lesser of her. Haha...anyway, went to her house today. HongQuan was there too, but he left for school after a while. & I finally had Ting all to myself! Mwahaha! We just talked a little & all. I miss that girl! Bah. She finally gave me those pictures. Pictures of him. I don't know why I want them. Sort of a memory. I'll just keep them safe in a box. Tuck those memories away. His birthday is approaching. I wonder...sigh...

After that, I came home in a storm of anger. My mom messed up the VCR. After I painstakingly spent 2 hours reading the manual & tuning it & programming it to tally with the tv. Eargh. I gotta do it all over again! Made me so bloody annoyed.

Watched the Beckham thang yesterday. Brooklyn is so so cute!!! & I sorta changed my impression of Victoria after that. Undoubtedly, she's rather snotty. But at least she isn't the cold & hostile woman I thought her to be. She's funny in her own way. I laughed & laughed at what she said. About the Queen, the sandwich thing, & the inland revenue guy. Haha...she's quite a joker. David squeaks a lot. I can't make out what he was saying. Anything that I could understand amidst the squeaks was just himbotic nonsense. & Brooklyn is so cute!!! Victoria is rather dominating. & she's a woman who speaks her mind & knows what she wants. I give her credit for that. & goodness, she's so smitten with David. Bleargh. The way she looks at him. Makes me hate David for doing what he did. Oh, & did I mention that Brooklyn is absolutely cute?! Kudos to Victoria. Kudos to independent women. Kudos.

I'm still suffering from Kylie withdrawal. Did you see that body of hers? I was watching "Kylie Fever" the day before yesterday & wow. She has a fab bod. She has a better ass than Jennifer Lopez. She has a fantastic dress sense. I love that blue glittery outfit, I love that cowboy hat, I love that casual cargo & knitted top. Kylie is so hot, she sizzles. Man. She'll be the ONLY lady who can turn me lezzy. Hahas!

I saved Floyd's life. I suppose he'll blog about it but yes, I sure saved his life. If I didn't, he'd really be having a huge problem now. Haha...

I didn't feel like talking to anyone. In a grouchy mood again. In fact, I've been on 'Appear Offline' mode since I came online. I even managed to cut short all sms conversations & such. Feeling really down. Down down in the doldrums. But it's nothing a glass of cold milk can't fix. :)

So...I suppose Thursday's movie date is off eh, peeps? Lol...no one seems to be organizing it! Bah.

You can just walk away
But I don't feel the same
My heart still beats for you, breathes for you, sings for you
& those feelings will never fade
I can hide my pain
I can never hide the way I feel for you

98 degrees [Yesterday's Letter]

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