Thursday, May 13

Hmmm, Trina swears that 'spoiler' isn't her so we'll give her the benefit of the doubt eh? Haha...

Went window shopping with Vidz & Liana yesterday...Nora didn't turn up in the end. We just walked around, looked at clothes & such & ended off dinner with Pastamania! *does happy dance* Oh oh, I so have to tell you this. Whenever I go out with Vidz, we'll bump into cameras. So anyway, we saw this MTV thing & Vidz was amused so she said rather loudly, 'LOOK! Cameras again!' & that guy ran up to her, thrusted the mic into her face & went like, 'YEPZ! It's a CAMERA!' & she was a little shocked I think. We just stood there & laughed for a long time. Haha...& there were this bunch of guys who were walking in front of us & they kept turning back & we were rather evil.

Look, it's Vidz! My gay partner! Haha...

& she's in capris today! *shocked*

Liana my lover!

Seems like they hate each other.

Nah! They've kissed & made up!

The statues at Isetan.

The irritating guys who kept turning back. Sorry it's blur. We were all walking!

Haha...yeah, I'm being lame! & I was the one taking all those photos so I'm not in any of those! :P

These are rather long ago, like 2 months back but I was too lazy to upload them. Here they are anyway!

Skye darling & me!

Skye, Darrelle & me. Floyd was sick of us taking photos in front of the toilet. Haha...

I know you need a friend
Someone you can talk to
Who will understand
What you're going through
When it comes to love
There's no easy answer
Only you can say
What you're gonna do
I heard you on the phone
You took his number
Said you were alone
That you will call him soon
Isn't he the guy
The guy who left you crying
Isn't he the one
Who made you blue
When you remember those nights in his arms
You know you got to make up your mind

Are you gonna stay with the one who loves you
Or are you going back to the one you love
Someone's gonna cry when they know they lost you
Someone's gonna thank the stars above

What you gonna say
When he comes over
There's no easy way to see this through
All the broken dreams
All the disappointment
Oh girl, whatcha gonna do?
Your heart keeps saying it's just not fair
But still you gotta make up your mind

Glenn Frey [The One YOu Love]

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