Sunday, June 20

Aiight, back from HongKong on Friday night but was too lazy to blog so this is gonna be long!

My mom's the scariest woman ever. She brought aspirin, medicated oil, diarrhoea, gastric & flu pills to HK. She's like imagining all the worst that can happen! First thing I noticed on the flight...Jason Mraz's 'Curbside Prophet' was in 'Hotshots'! Way rad! Watched 'Starsky & Hutch'. Cheap thrill. So anyway, a dreary 4 hour flight to HK, & mommy became so fascinated by the tall buildings they have while I said the names of everything which the bus passed by. 'Mountains...mountains...mountains...mountains.' Something like that. Hotel smack right next to Temple Street. Great. If you don't know, Temple Street has quite a reputation. Loads of HK shows feature Temple Street. Apparently, it's supposed to be a really complicated area which must be true because I witnessed a police chase on our last day there. Amused by the lobby which is at Storey 0. Zero. Along 1 street, there were 5 stalls which sell sex toys & those tending to the stalls are about the age of 60 to 70 & I really doubt they use them or whether they even know what they were selling. Bro bought a soccer ball. Strange buy.

Fascinated by the HUGE neon signboards hanging all over the place. Had a tour up to this mountain, after which we went to Causeway Bay & had a water taxi ride & yeah, huge realization. Those boat people have air-conditioning on those run-down boats. Hard to imagine. Fancied those beautiful yachts. Jewelry factory...bought some pendants & such. Medical hall next & I wonder whether the Chinese doctor was a quack. Sure, predictions were accurate but I can tell you the same thing with logic. Mom spent a bomb there. Grr. Someone in the same tour told my mom, 'Your daughter can't be over 16 right?' I went like, '18! EIGHTTTTEEEENNNN!' Haha...

The world's really small. We bumped into...WeiHong, his mom & his aunt. It's strange. I was supposed to meet him last week but in the end, we didn't & we bumped into each other in HK. What are the odds? This is like fate. That's what my mom said. We bumped into that family on every vacation. A few years back, we went to Genting & bumped into the 5th aunt. Then we went Penang the year after on a cruise & bumped into the 6th aunt. His mom is the 4th. yepz, we went to have a walk at Ladies' Market with them. Bought a pi...I mean, maroon skirt. Watched the match between Spain & Greece that night at the hotel's lounge. Downed the bottle of Heineken WeiHong got for me while cursing the draw between the 2 countries.

Tour to ShenZhen & went to ANOTHER medical hall & got sponged off a fortune, again. This time, the victim was dad. Goodness. Then we went to this place supposedly called 'Miniature China' & trudged along in the blistering heat for 2 hours. We almost died. Watched some performance & I left my e-mail add & cell phone number with another Singaporean family with us on the tour because my mom wanted some photos. Dinner(roasted goose) & some shopping. I think I'm the bargain queen. Or maybe the attitude queen. Lol...the salesgirl looks like Cecilia Cheung. Whoa!

Woke up to news that my bro & dad sneaked out the night before to watch the match between England & Switzerland & bro fell in the bathroom after the match. Smart boy. Had porridge for breakky. Fascinated by this shop called 'Homeless'. It sells home appliances. The irony. We had roasted...pigeons for lunch. Which taste fab of coz'. Walked a bit more & off to the airport we went & whew, finally looking forward to coming home. Dinner on the flight sucks. Ewch. But I watched 'Peter Pan' & enjoyed being a paedophile for about 1 hour & 23 mins. Arrived back in Singapore. Almost kissed the ground with joy. Then received a message from the Singaporean family, whom I left my number with. It was their 16 year old son. & I was like, 'Erm, ok.' No more small boys!

It's not that I don't like HK, just that the food wasn't that fab. Extremely salty & just not used to them. The stuff there ain't cheap as well & I miss home! So here I am! Photos will probably be up tomorrow or so. Too lazy to do it now.

Went to meet ZhiWei for a drink yesterday night. Supposed to be at Embargo but there was a bit of miscommunication & I ended up at Esplanade. So he had to come look for me there & walk with me back to Embargo again. Felt nice seeing him after...3 years? The last time I chatted with him was around 3 years back as well. We had drinks at Embargo, & chatted a bit more. After which we went to the seaside & stayed for a while too. He loves the water. *shrugs* Explains why he's in the navy. Although it was only a couple of hours, enjoyed myself tremendously. Nice to see the teenage guy whom I used to have a major crush on all matured. Spiffing young man. Still looking as good as ever. Lol...but yepz, that infatuation was something of the past & I doubt it'll ever come back.

Coz' Penny & me like to roll the windows down
Turn the radio up push the pedal to the ground
& Penny & me like to gaze at starry skies
Close our eyes pretend to fly
It's always Penny & me tonight

Hanson [Penny & Me]

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