Wednesday, July 21

I had tuition today. 3 hours. I hate hate hate it. Almost died. 1st day in 6 days not meeting Daryl. Feels a bit strange.

Tuesday, went town to meet him & a few of his friends for dinner. We ate at Pastamania. Full-stop full-stop. What more is there to say about Pastamania? You've heard it all, haven't you? Haha!

Yesterday, he came to pick me up from home & we went to KAP for breakfast. Miscommunication in the carpark. He's so blur, it's hilarious. & no, I'm not laughing at you! I told him specifically that the exit was a passageway for us people & not the cars but he heard it like the other way round & promptly drove towards that narrow passageway. Haha...

Then later in the afternoon, he came to my school & we went to Bukit Timah Plaza for pizza, after that hurried to the library for the Media Research stuff. Sent me home & made a boo-boo but luckily, that neighbour is new & he doesn't talk to any of us. Gah. Daryl got the shock of his life though. Haha...managed to do my ad analysis on time.

Drats. We're buried knee deep in assignments. But one thing is, we finally finished our Radio today! It's crazy, 4 weeks of utter madness. The rush to book those DAWs. One down, erm, many more to go!

Anyway, received mail yesterday & I was so excited because in today's world of technology, you hardly get snail mail. First one was from L.A.! Jason Mraz! Or so it seemed. I ripped it open & alas! Computer generated. It's alright, there's a pretty Mraz postcard included as well & for that, I forgive him. 2nd one, rather thick. Handwritten address. Believe it or not, it was from Master Foods in Australia sending me a whole stack of Dolmio information. I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed by their service! For those who don't know, I sent Dolmio some feedback online 2 weeks ago as they did not have a proper website & I needed some information desperately so there was this place to send feedback & you include your address. I just did so for fun & goodness me, 2 weeks later, brochures! Come into good use for our advertising campaign. 3rd one was from Australia as well. Addressed to 'Samantha Tan'. Oh, Thaddeus! I scanned through the letter & almost died laughing. He wrote so much about me going over to stay & all & the whole main picture is, he can't even remember my surname! So how important am I? The 3 letters from many miles away, but none of them significant.

Invisi text invisi text. Hey dearie, your letter tomorrow! It was chokeful of rubbish though. I had no idea how to reply. & you won't run away with some Mdm or some chio man in army eh? Ok, I trust you! Haha...

Get out
Right now
It's the end of you & me
It's too late
I can't wait for you to be gone

JoJo [Leave (Get Out)]

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