Sunday, August 29

Met up J for coffee at Borders yesterday. He was almost an hour late but there he was looking all so adorable in his beanie so yeah, we chatted for about half an hour or so & he left to meet his friends for coffee while I met Vidz. US Marine. Heh.

Went Lips Cafe with Vidz, & then wanted to catch a good show. So we decided to catch 'Secret Window' & it was soooo draggy. & rather boring. & I just didn't really like it. & Vidz almost fell asleep. So we were griping about the movie, & I was just going on & on about 'Stepford Wives' & so, we decided to catch 'Stepford Wives'. Went to PS & had Pastamania, saw an old classmate of mine who amazingly remembers my Chinese name. Even though we haven't seen each other for 6 years. Vidz & I went to Carrefour to buy junk food for the movie & ended up in hysterics in one of the aisles. We just said the strangest things, & we laughed so hard, we had to cling on to each other for support. It was hilarious. & then the whole Jeff thing happened again & Vidz was trying her darn hardest to hold back her laughter while I hemmed & hawed. Vidz almost choked in the process of suppressing her laughter. But this time, I made the right move. & anyways, Vidz was ribbing me about the whole 'Brother Bear' thing so yeah, that was definitely a right move.

Bumper day yesterday. Bump bump bump.

So anyways, I still think 'Stepford Wives' is GREAT & I wouldn't mind watching it again. For oh so gorgeous Nicole Kidman. Took a cab home & got home slightly after midnight. & my parents told me how my dad's relief driver had passed away in his sleep. & he's only in his 40s. Life is so fragile, it's scary.

It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small small world

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