Saturday, August 28

'Stepford Wives' is wayyyy fab! I don't mind watching it again! It's like the best comedy I've watched this year. I laughed so much, I teared up. & to think I thought it was a horror movie. It's an awesome comedy! & I am totally head over heels in love with Nicole Kidman, whom I think is the epitome of beauty. She's gorgeous. She's breathtakingly gorgeous. She's so tall & classy & elegant. & just gorgeous. I know I know. I love Kylie too but I love Kylie coz' of her energy. & Kylie is hot. While Nicole Kidman is a classic beauty. Gah. I'm starting to sound lezzy. Haha! But really, do go catch 'Stepford Wives' because it's really really funny!

Watched it with Sam Toh...because he was supposed to lend me a couple of books but he's so smart, he left them outside his house because of his rush to get to town. Bah. We had Sakae for dinner. I haven't had that for a very long time...& Sam Toh was like, 'Are you sure you want sushi? No pasta? ARE YOU SURE???' Haha...

Daryl called me during the movie & then he told me he'd call back tomorrow because he didn't want to distract me from the show & I felt soooo guilty. I'm sure he wanted to talk & it was the precious 3 mins he gets per day & I couldn't talk to him. Sigh...I can't wait for next Sat when he can finally book out. & we can finally spend some time together.

Yepz, I had Swensens ice-cream again yesterday with Skye & Fuzz. Went to Holland Vi because Skye had her ice-cream cravings. After that, we went Thai Express & the food's like wayyy spicy. Well, to me that is. Both Skye & Fuzz ate with stoic faces & their calmness just unnerved me, as I downed myself with glass after glass of water.'s scary how that mild looking bowl of tom yum soup could be this spicy. I'm not going to trust either one of them the next time they tell me the food's not spicy. Lol...

Had our advertising shoot yesterday as well. They all came over & we had a pretty fun time shooting it. It wasn't really that tough but the process of coming up with this idea & the process of putting it together was. But the shooting was fun! We had help from Yan Ying's friend & Val's little brother. It went pretty smoothly. Let's just cross our fingers & hope the shoots turn out good!

Xun just insulted my Jason Mraz. Grrrr.

You're still working your boss like a champ
He has no idea what you steal, you steal steal steal
You steal steal,oh, steal me away I say
I've got nothing to do, I just sleep all day
& daydream for hours of your passionate flower
& wonder what makes a pretty face

We're still working our comic routine
Between the laugh tracks on CD
A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Another notch on the lifeline, baby
& here we go
Jason Mraz [Fall Into The Face Of Love]

Ayu, I think his new album is really coming out soon because there're all these new songs which I've never seen before on the Mrazmerized website! I can't wait. Will they hurry up?

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