Sunday, August 8

Ok, better now.

Friday - Went to Cine for my interview with Dennis. He was really helpful so thanks a lot! After that, met up Juls for a good talk over coffee. It's been a while since we last had such a good chat. Now I know why he's one of my closest buds. Because he understands totally & however much of an asshole he can be, I still know his heart's in the right place. So yeah, here's to 4 years of twinship!

Sat - Met up Vidz for some polluting in the evening. Went to Topshop & walked around & all & I declare I still love that girl! Stole Coffee Club's menu because we're gonna be writing in. Lousy service. Nothing pisses us off more than lousy service! So there! *jeers*

Today, I'm supposed to get started on Newswriting but I just can't seem to start. I have no idea how to start in the first place. Bloody screwed.

& why do I get stuck in such positions? I didn't want to keep anything from you, so I told you the truth because my conscience is clear but it seems as if you doubted me. I know I can't blame you because of my history but it hurts when you said, 'Well, because last time, you...' & you trailed off. I know what you were about to say. It was just at the tip of your tongue. It almost rolled off. But you didn't say it. I promised you that it will never ever happen again. I wouldn't do it again because of you. & you always say that as long as I give you my assurances, you have no reason to doubt me at all. But it seems to me that you do. Every little thing I do seems to be under your scrutiny, as you contemplate what is real & what isn't. I feel as if nothing I do is right. It might have been a little incident, but it does say a lot. It says a lot about trust.

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