Monday, August 23

Saturday - Went for some family friend's 21st birthday celebration & I left early to go meet Daryl. Wanted to have dinner at Junction 8 but we changed our mind & bought tons of junk food from the supermarket & then went to his place, & ordered pizza. We're lazy bums. Ate & ate. Quite scary. He wanted to borrow his dad's car to send me home but in the end, all of them sent me home. Wasn't as strange as the first time though. Lol...

Sunday - Daryl came & picked me up in hsi dad's car & we went to Causeway Point. Supposedly to meet Mazlinah but then she said she'll meet up with us later so we had lunch there, & watched 'Collateral'. It's ok, not fab like what others said. Watch only when you have cash to spare because all those rave reviews in the papers? I don't really get them. It's just another action flick. So yepz, in the end, he sent me to my tuition & went off to meet Mazlinah. Bah. Quite melodramatic. Didn't want to leave because I wouldn't be seeing him for 2 whole weeks. Oh wells. :(

I am a man who will fight for your honour
I'll be the hero, you're dreaming of
We'll live forever
Knowing together that we did it all
For the glory of love
Peter Cetera [Glory of Love]

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