Thursday, August 19

What the hell just happened?

Felix texted me when I was having tuition, & asked me whether I sent him an e-mail. & I replied no because I honestly didn't! That stupid Yahoo account is so chokeful of junk mail I stopped using it altogether. & he said never mind.

Then he messaged me on MSN just about 15 minutes ago, & asked me to call his girlfriend because apparently, his girlfriend saw this e-mail from me & she's mad at him & not convinced at all about the both of us.

What the hell? We broke up 2 freaking years ago! & the last e-mail sent to him was 2 freaking years ago too!

I didn't want to call because it's ridiculous, but he pleaded so well, being the nice person I am, I called.

& hell, she seems nice but so over-protective & over-sensitive.

She asked for my age, & if I still like Felix & I'm like, 'HELL NO!' That was 2 years ago, & merely an infatuation. & then she asked whether Felix did anything inappropriate seeing I was only 16. No he didn't, thanks for your 'concern'. & then she launched into this whole thing about women being jealous when their boyfriends' ex-girlfriends contact them. Well, that could be just you, Mdm. I didn't say that though. I was thinking, the only time I actually took the initiative to contact him was for my I-Search. He helped me for a bit but that was like the one & only time?

So I told her I'm very happy with my own boyfriend now, thank you very much. & she went on & on. She seems like those kind of women who check their boyfriends' bank account, e-mail accounts, letter boxes, mobile phones, smell the house for perfume & dust the door for fingerprints. Ridiculous. Then she went on asking me whether I think it's still possible between me & Felix & I went like, 'Impossible.' & she asked me, 'What about him?' Well, I wouldn't know! You go ask him yourself! & she said she'd appreciate if we don't ever contact again. So I told her that first of all, we don't even talk much. Secondly, I'm very happy with my own life now. Thirdly, if it affects her this much, I will cut off all contact because it wouldn't make much of a difference anyway. She ended the call by saying, 'Thank you so much for calling & clearing things up. You're a very nice girl & I wish you a happy life.' I wish you a happy life too, freak!

That's the weirdest thing that has happened to me in ages. & the strange thing is, when I asked about the content of the e-mail, she seemed to have forgotten. She said she was too upset that when she printed it out for Felix to read it, he refused to take a look. & when I asked Felix, he told me he didn't get to read it. What the hell is wrong with these people?


To the clueless people, Felix is an ex-boyfriend, & an ex-tutor. We dated when I was 16 & he was 24. But due to some family protests(on my side), we broke up. & boy, am I glad we did. Older people are so strange!

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