Wednesday, September 22

Did that post seem like it was directed at someone? It wasn't supposed to!

Nah, I was just really uptight yesterday & suddenly just wanted to burst & I needed to rant at everything which happened the past few days. It was not directed at a particular person, but it was more general. Just things which have built up for a few weeks & needed to get out.

& as for the blowing up thing. It wasn't at you. I got yelled at yesterday. That's why. But then everything's ok now...

It won't affect anything aye? Ok ok ok? Say ok! Say ok! I don't care, you don't have a choice! :)

Doctor said I've got migraine after poking in my ears & eyes. I requested for a blood test so I went & took the blood test & amazingly enough, the results came in shortly after I took it at the clinic's lab so I went back to the doctor with the results & he looked at it & kept mumbling to himself. Then all he said to me was, "Your blood count is low." Right. Aren't you supposed to tell me what I'm supposed to do about it? So yeah, after this Friday, I'll concuss & make up for lost sleep so I don't become a permanent grouch. I'm not a grouch! It's not me.

Eh, told most people about what? I don't have a problem with you what! Haha...& you didn't do anything which pissed me off. I was generally just annoyed at the world lah! Not you!

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