Wednesday, September 22

Some ventings need to be done.

I cannot stand insensitive people who always act all superior, or they belittle you, as if what you did or been through is nothing compared to them or something.

& same goes out to those who act as if the world owes them something. It is not cool to blow up. Don't think it is. Don't be all high & mighty & expect everyone else to like bow down & kiss the floor you're walking on or something, or like bend over to please you just because you're having PMS.

& look, this is my blog. If it pisses you off, or if it bores you, there's this little 'x' at the right hand corner of the screen. Click on it. I can blog whatever I want. I can talk about my life history if I want to. I can even detail out every single thing I did since I woke up in the morning. There is absolutely nothing you can do to stop me.

Feeling weird. It's just this sudden feeling that burst forth from the chest & worked itself to the very tips of my fingers & toes & it made me a not-very-happy person today. I'm just probably overwhelmed with exhaustion or maybe it's something else. I have no bloody idea.

I know it's bad when I need a carton of cold milk every night to calm down.

Thank goodness for people I have, who never ever fail to bring my sanity level back on track.

Ting: I know I've always said that you've been neglecting me since you've gotten HongQuan but that doesn't change the fact that I love you to death. The calls, the sudden smses to ask if I've been fine. What I miss are those late night conversations even though we were going to see each other in school the next day. Whatever happens, however much we disagree on certain things, you're still the only person who can read my mind & complete my sentences.

Yix: I miss you so much even though you live practically a stone throw's away. You're one of the rare few who are sincere, & non-pretentious. One of the rare few who have a proper head on the shoulders. & we need to catch up!

Vidz: For being my remedy when I'm upset. For the laughs, the hilarious situations we always get ourselves into, for helping me to forget all my worries, even it was just for a day. Your anecdotes will last me a lifetime.

Julian: However much we argue, or get pissed off with each other, we always seem to forget them & move on. Thanks for doing anything for me, Julz. You have no idea how much I appreciate the things you do.

Andre(w): For being the mature, sensible one. Who brings me on joyrides & at the same time, knocks sense into me for foolish things I used to believe in. You're sorely missed.

Dennis & ZhangYang: My 'hubby' & 'brother', the guys who first brought me to Walas. Especially Dennis, for all therapy sessions, for showing concern way beyond what I expected. Thanks for the offer of the lessons.

JohnJi: Thanks for those times when I was really really in a bad shape, & how you would speak with different accents just to make me laugh. & your little made-up stories on how we could be siblings separated at birth & all. You're great.

They're the people who keep me going on. Literally. Who never gave up, who pestered & harrassed & bugged till I'm ok. & they're just about the only people whom I care about. & who care about me.

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