Sunday, September 19

Finally got to see Daryl yesterday. He came down to school after booking out & all. & tried surprising me again but he's so lousy at lying properly, I was all like suspicious. Like why did Skye have such a smirk on her face & why was Daryl acting so suspicious? So he drove his dad's car there. Lol...he dropped Skye off at her place, and we went to J8 to get that PacNet account.

After that, we went to Esplanade for dinner at this Japanese restaurant. The ambience is nice, but the food was mediocre. The fish tastes like prawn crackers! Heh...felt all full so we walked around, and went to the riverside for a while. Pounding music was such a turn off. So we left & wanted to join his friends at Cine but his parents had already knocked off so we went to pick them up. Then they all drove me home & I got home finally, barely before midnight & my eyes couldn't be opened. Gah.

Daryl got me dangly earrings! Well, it was meant to be a surprise but then I ruined it as usual because I opened his bag & went like, 'What's this?' & he gave me that super exasperated look & asked me not to be so curious because I always ruin his surprises. So ok, act surprised then! Haha!

He's booking in again tonight & I could have met him this morning if not for PQS. I HATE PQS. Ok, must bear with it. A few more weeks & we're done. Grrrr.

Tuition later. If I get more 'policemans', I'll rattle him. Bleargh.

Hey darling, I love you I love you. See that card? You have to prop it up by your bedside & always remember what it says. I love you heaps. Sorry for ruining the surprise. Thanks for them dangly earrings as well. You know I love danglies! *hugz* Love ya hun! Can't wait for 1st Oct! Heh...

I am cow, hear me moo
I weigh twice as much as you
& I look good on the barbeque

Yoghurt, curd, cream cheese & butter
Made from liquid from my udders
I am cow, I am cow
Hear me moo

I am cow, eating grass
Methane gas comes out my ass
& out my muzzle when I belch

Oh the ozone layer is thinner
From the outcome of my dinner
I am cow, I am cow
I've got gas

I am cow, here I stand
Far & wide upon this land
& I am living everywhere

From B.C. to Newfoundland
You can squeeze my teats by hand
I am cow, I am cow, I am cow!
Arrogant Worms [I Am Cow]

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